SD06 early voting update

Slow so far, which is what you’d expect.

Sen. Sylvia Garcia

More than 5,000 voters had cast ballots as of Friday in the special election to replace Sylvia Garcia in Senate District 6.

The Harris County Clerk’s Office reported 1,580 in-person votes and 3,788 returned mail ballots, bringing the total through the first five days of early voting to 5,368 ballots cast.

Four candidates — Democratic state Reps. Carol Alvarado and Ana Hernandez, Democratic consultant Mia Mundy and Harris County Republican Party precinct chairwoman Martha Fierro — are seeking the seat.


University of Houston political science professor Brandon Rottinghaus said Alvarado is most likely to win, since she has out-raised her opponents and secured key endorsements.

“She has more geographic overlap with her district, and she was on TV with ads,” he said. “In a race like this it’s going to be a sprint to the finish line, and that’s going to go to the best-prepared candidate.”

Hernandez and Alvarado’s House districts occupy portions of Senate District 6. If either wins, Harris County must hold another special election to fill the House seat she will vacate.

Here’s the daily EV report through Friday. Early voting continues through this Friday, with Election Day on Tuesday the 11th. Turnout for the January 2013 special election, which took place following the death of Mario Gallegos, was 16,511 voters, with about 8,600 of those votes being cast early. For the March runoff between outgoing Sen. Garcia and Rep. Alvarado, turnout was 18,252, with about 9,500 votes being cast early. I suspect that if this one goes to a runoff, we’ll see something similar. Anyway, get out and vote while you can.

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2 Responses to SD06 early voting update

  1. Julian Deleon says:

    There is danger in predicting anyone is “likely to win” because thier base could think thier candidate has it in the bag and stay home instead of voting.

    This race reminds me of the special election in San Antonio to replace Senator Carlos Uresti. State Representative Roland Gutierrez touted all his endorsements and out raised his opponent. Gutierrez drew just 24 percent of the vote.

  2. Houstonians have always been a little slow.

    It’s only 14 years later and we still have the revenue cap. Maybe that’s because houstonians are still too lay to learn arithmetic and too selfish to pay an extra $12.27 a month.

    Let us also know when houston private and public sector leaders figure out a $15 minimum wage and paid parental leave.

    And i thought the ceo’s of goodwill and gcca were idiots when they had to copy ideas i googled off of my cover letter and exit interview.

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