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Paxton prosecutors want another shot

Good luck.

Best mugshot ever

The attorneys appointed to prosecute Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton indicated in a court filing this week that they aren’t giving up a long-running fight to take the state’s top lawyer to court — at least not yet.

The filing follows a Nov. 21 ruling from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals that six-figure payments to the special prosecutors were outside legal limits. The prosecutors, who have not been paid since 2016, had in the past suggested that if they did not get paid, they might leave the case, which has dragged on for more than three years.

Brian Wice, one of those prosecutors, on Monday filed a document with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals seeking more time to ask the court to rehear the case. If the court grants his request, prosecutors would have until Dec. 21 to try and convince the high court to reconsider their case. Wice declined to comment on Tuesday.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the fractured court handed down a total of six opinions, including three dissents. The all-Republican court will welcome one new member, Michelle Slaughter, in the new year.

See here for the background. I know asking for a re-hearing is a normal thing, though I have no idea how often it works. Maybe with a new judge coming on board there’s a chance of a different outcome, I don’t know. Maybe because the opinions were all over the place the justices themselves might be open to reconsidering. It can’t hurt. I just don’t expect much to change. The DMN has more.

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  1. Houston is so desperate for leadership, ideas and someone with balls.

    They spent the last 4 years saying things to me to see if I was paying attention.

    That’s why 3 ceo’s and a congressional candidate had to ask me for ideas i googled while my last couple of employers begged me to stay at $14 an hour jobs babysitting homeless people with hiv/aids with no benefits.

    It’s easier to mooch off of family, teach myself medicine and troll politicians/ceo’s then show up to more brain-dead houston employers.

  2. General Grant says:

    This is an obscene miscarriage of justice. THte law should not allow a public official to escape prosecution by ensuring no prosecutor is paid to prosecute him.