Cagle and Garcia hire Morman and Shaw

Fine by me.

Penny Shaw

Jack Morman, who was defeated for re-election as Harris County Precinct 2 commissioner in November, will remain on the county’s payroll in January as an employee of Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle, a fellow Republican.

Morman, who served two terms on Commissioners Court before losing to former county sheriff Adrian Garcia, will work in Precinct 4’s capital improvements department, Cagle said.

Garcia recruited from this fall’s ballot, as well, selecting fellow Democrat Penny Shaw, who unsuccessfully challenged Cagle, as a policy adviser for Precinct 2.


Cagle said he was talking with Morman recently about an unrelated topic when they arrived at the subject of Morman’s next job. Cagle said that, given Morman’s eight years of experience as a commissioner, he would be a good fit to fill a vacancy in his capital improvements department.

“I’m working on what the exact title will be, and he and I are in beginning stages of working that out,” Cagle said. “He believes we’ll be a good fit for him.”


Garcia said he approached Shaw about working for him because he was impressed with her campaign in Precinct 4. As the two Democratic hopefuls for Commissioners Court, the pair often appeared at forums together. Shaw, an employment, family and business lawyer, campaigned on reforming the county’s criminal justice and mental health systems, said she and Garcia have yet to determine her policy portfolio.

“We don’t have a particular direction yet,” Shaw said. “Flood mitigation, which is huge, is at the top of the list.”

Jack Morman is uniquely qualified to do a job within a County Commissioner’s office, and Penny Shaw was one of the more impressive candidates on the trail this year. Both should be assets to their respective bosses.

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2 Responses to Cagle and Garcia hire Morman and Shaw

  1. It’s not like morman or shaw had any real interesting ideas for county government.

    So many lawyers, so few ideas.

    If I wanted to twiddle my thumbs and read magazines with lawyers I’d go back to catholic charities and foster llp.

  2. S Mitchell-Allen says:

    I personally prefer that Mr. Morman leave the county completely as the voters intended. My concern is that Cagle may be “ghost” employing Mr. Morman, so that he has insurance and becomes vested for a county retirement in two years. Cagle was quoted as saying that Mr. Morman will work 40 hours and that he can “moonlight” as an attorney. I certainly hope that Cagle’s decision to employee the former Commissioner isn’t an attempt to help a friend, and fellow Baylor Alumi, at the taxpayer’s expense. The taxpayers do not want to give Morman a retirement or they would have kept him in office. This “job” need monitoring and stinks of a political favor.

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