More looking forward to 2020

Gonna have some more of that sweet Congressional election action.

Smelling blood after picking up two Texas congressional seats in November – along with Beto O’Rourke’s narrow loss in the U.S. Senate race – House Democrats [recently] announced six new 2020 targets in the Lone Star State.

In a wish list of 33 GOP-held or open seats targeted nationally by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Texas figures prominently as a potential battleground, particularly in the suburbs.

The targeted Texas lawmakers include Houston-area Republicans Michael McCaul and Pete Olson. Around San Antonio, the Democrats are putting two other Republicans in their sights: Freshman Chip Roy, a conservative stalwart who worked for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, and moderate Will Hurd, who represents a heavily Latino border district.

Rounding out the list are Republicans John Carter of Round Rock and Kenny Marchant of Coppell.

“All six have suburban areas experiencing population booms and an increasingly diverse electorate. These factors gave Republicans a taste of what is headed their way.” said DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos, an Illinois Democrat, in a memo released Monday.

“In 2020 a rapidly emerging Democratic coalition will make Texas a focal point of the House Democrats’ offensive strategy,” she continued.

Democrats noted that all six targeted Republicans in Texas won by five points or less, revealing electoral weaknesses in a state that has been dominated by Republicans for a generation.

In practical terms, the DCCC list indicates the group will be pouring money and organizational resources into those races, including recruitment efforts to help candidates who best match their districts.

It’s the shutdown target list plus Will Hurd. Not really a surprise, though I think overlooking CD02 is a bit short-sighted. There will be time to correct that. For their part, the Republicans will target freshman Reps. Lizzie Fletcher and Colin Allred. A priori everyone goes into 2020 as the favorite to hold their own seat, but suffice it to say there are many variables and a whole lot of potential for volatility. If Donald Trump is heading for a massive loss, who knows how many of these red seats could fall. If he’s back into the low-to-mid-40s approval ratings, there may be a lot of action but not much change. If things have gone south for the Dems – a bit hard to imagine now, but politics is weird these days – the Republicans could win back the seats they lost. Hard hitting analysis, I know, but at this point it’s all as meaningful as a split squad game during spring training. All we’re doing now it setting up the potential story lines. The Current and Mother Jones have more.

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14 Responses to More looking forward to 2020

  1. Manny says:

    If the economy is tanking at about time of 2020 election, which I think it will be, expect Republican blood (figuratively speaking) on the floor and maybe the end of the Republican Party which will forever be known as the Party of Trump. The Party of Reagan is dead.

  2. Bill_Daniels says:

    “All six have suburban areas experiencing population booms and an increasingly diverse electorate.”

    The challenge for Team Trump is to convince those people that they are Americans first, and to reject identity politics.

  3. Flypusher says:

    You’d need MIB memory wipe tech to make people forget Trump’s long history of bigotry.

  4. Bill_Daniels says:

    Funny how libs loved Trump…..right up until he ran for President as a Republican.

    Cue: “but, but, muh red lining from 50 years ago.”

    But hey, let’s say Trump really IS a bigot. Let’s just go with that. That ‘bigot’ has been the best president for non white Americans since LBJ, another huge bigot.

    Personally, I’d vote for a guy who produced for me, even if I thought he hated me. I mean, Obama sure didn’t do anything for black Americans, other than foment racial discord. Obama gave them phones, Trump gave them jobs.

  5. Bill_Daniels says:


    Let’s say Trump is a bigot. OK, fine. He’s been the best president for non whites since LBJ, another bigot. Compare Trump with the last guy. Trump gave non whites jobs. Obama gave them phones, food stamps, and Medicaid.

  6. Bill_Daniels says:


    Maybe you folks should run another Muslim terror supporter for Congress. That worked out great for you in ’18.

  7. Flypusher says:

    Here’s an unfortunate FACT you refuse to acknowledge: to have a secure life in America, economic opportunity is not enough. You also need the assurance that your civil rights will be respected. The GOP has made it crystal clear that they will not, in the case of minority citizens. This disgraceful mess with the SoS and his inadequately vetted voter list is merely the latest of a very long list of examples I can present.

    Also I dispute GOP claims that their economic policies are all that. There’s a massive hangover on the way from that trickle down farce of a tax bill.

  8. Flypusher says:

    Deflector shields at maximum! She is the choice of the voters in the Detroit area, and it’s for them to decide if they like the job she’s doing or not.

    Sri is going to run again in TX-22, which is a place where I can take responsibility for who represents in Congress. He has my enthusiastic support.

  9. Bill_Daniels says:

    Sri is a smart, well spoken guy with a good resume. He’s a candidate you could be proud of. It’s too bad he can’t run against the terror lady, instead of Pete Olson. We’re going to have to put in some overtime to keep Pete.

  10. Bill_Daniels says:

    Also, I don’t know why you find it surprising that ‘letting’ people keep more of their own money inspires them to be more productive. Probably because you feel that the money belongs to the state, whereas a libertarian like me believes all taxation is theft, and that money belongs to the people, not the state.

    Look at New York. Even liberals are fleeing, because of the high taxation. The Trump tax cut only exacerbated what was already happening, with the limit on SALT.

  11. Manny says:

    That link that Bill provided is not what he states and certainly not what the fascist person wrote when he send the video out.

    Remember the only way that the Trump/Republican Party can win is by spreading lies and hate to weak people.

  12. Bill_Daniels says:

    Requesting compassion for ISIS recruits, in a letter:

  13. Flypusher says:

    The whole “taxation is theft“ narrative is bullshit. Taxes are the dues we pay to get the benefits of living in the 1st World.

  14. Manny says:

    Bill if you want to see how that experiment you love, letting people keep more money works, you have to go no further than Kansas. In fact do Texas a favor and move there.

    It is all bull what you and the rest of the Trump fanatics espouse.

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