Texas political briefs

Checking around the Texas blogs for (mostly) political news and notes in our state:

Greg will be looking at the electoral maps for each of the endangered Texas Democratic Congressional incumbents and from that he’ll project the outcomes they’ll need to win in November. That sounds like a must-read to me, so check out his initial effort on Rep. Chet Edwards and be sure to check back.

Byron reports that Rep. Martin Frost has got some mailers out and that former Secretary of State Madeline Albright will be in Dallas at a fundraiser for him. Cool.

Here’s an update on how things are going in Richard Morrison’s campaign. Nearly $4000 had been raised as of last night via the dKos 8 effort. And check out the story of the first Morrison House Party in Clear Lake.

Dean Terry says Dallas needs to start recycling.

The Joe Hill Dispatch found this editorial slap at Tom DeLay for his egregious hypocrisy regarding foreign interventions. Technically, that came from Oklahoma, but the JHD folks are in Forth Worth, so that counts. And they also want to invite you to hear State House candidate Ruby Woolridge speak next Wednesday.

Liberty notes some grumbling in Galveston over the Parks Board.

Writerrific notes the bad news that Texas is now number one in incarcerations, just outpacing the way-more-populous California.

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