“The Day After Tomorrow”

There are two op-eds in today’s Chron doing some kind of point-counterpoint about the “science” of the movie The Day After Tomorrow.

Two. Freaking. Op-eds.

People. Listen to me. This movie was written and directed by the same guy who gave us Independence Day and Godzilla. That would be one movie in which the world is saved by a computer virus written in ten minutes and magically uploaded to an alien spaceship, thus causing their entire fleet to crash and burn, and a movie in which a nuclear bomb creates a giant lizard which can alternately hollow out the Chrysler Building yet still fit inside the New York subways.

Even talking about the “science” of this movie without using scare quotes is moronic. We’re all ten points of IQ dumber now because of this movie entering the sphere of public debate. Go read Julian Sanchez and Kevin Drum to put you in the right frame of mind for this movie if you insist on seeing it (Pete gave it three stars, so it must have some redeeming features). And throw those op-eds away.

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One Response to “The Day After Tomorrow”

  1. Steve Bates says:

    Hey, if people can make money hawking books about the “science” of Star Trek, nothing like this can surprise me. I believe the often-quoted figure of “a sucker born every minute” is incorrect; the rate must be vastly higher.

    Please excuse me now; Godzilla just agreed to do lunch, and I want to interview it for publication in Scientific American. Sighs do matter. (Sigh.)

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