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Texas blog roundup for the week of June 3

If it had been within the Texas Progressive Alliance’s power to present this week’s roundup, it would have done so.

Off the Kuff was all over the reports of Republican Census rigging that emerged from the computer files of a deceased redistricting guru.

SocraticGadfly looked at a key period of early Anglo-Texas history to discuss how much of northern Mexico President Polk wanted, when and why, and connected this to the Compromise of 1850.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Better Texas Blog has three Top Fives from the legislative session.

Stephen Young has his own Best and Worst list from the session.

Juanita is high on Freedom Gas.

Benjamin Collinger warns that exposure to lead-based paint is still a big health risk for children.

Mean Green Cougar Red touts the virtues of less-visited countries.

Sarah Martinez reports on a fake Buc-ee’s spotted in the country of Jordan.

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One Comment

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    I guess Juanita doesn’t know, or doesn’t care that natural gas, and energy, in general, is global power and influence. Does Juanita hate and fear Russia, because of their attempts to influence our elections? Hey, Juanita, why not export our CNG to Europe, cutting Russia out of those gas sales, weakening Russia and allowing Europe to not be under the thumb of Russia, who could turn off a valve and leave Europe freezing in the Winter? Oh, wait, that’s what Trump did. Remember when he excoriated Merkel for supporting that pipeline from Russia to Germany? Remember when Trump said they should buy their gas from an ally, not an enemy? Yeah.

    Remember the bad old days when OPEC and those Middle Eastern countries had an outsized influence on the world? Now we are not only energy independent, WE are an energy exporter. That’s good for our trade deficits, good for our economy, and good for our security as a nation.

    I’m pretty sure at least a few of the folks here at OTK work in the energy industry. Time to chime in here.