Weekend link dump for June 23

The day the music burned.

“The widespread adoption of renewable energy technologies creates employment opportunities up and down the supply chain. Worldwide, the sector employed 11 million people at the end of 2018, according to this sixth edition of the Renewable Energy and Jobs series.”

“The Secret History of ‘Vampire’s Kiss,’ the Craziest Nicolas Cage Movie of All Time”.

RIP, Gloria Vanderbilt, fashion designer, socialite, artist, and mother of Anderson Cooper. (Warning: autoplay video)

A prequel to The Hunger Games will be published next year. Expect a movie to follow.

Great, now I have to worry about black holes disappearing.

“When comparing the 2016 presidential election to 2018 House races, the biggest increase of support for Democrats came not in the suburbs (which received the most attention) but in rural areas.”

Don’t like your lousy polling numbers? Fire your pollsters. Problem solved!

From the Couldn’t Have Happened To A Nicer Guy department.

Facebook’s “cryptocurrnecy” makes no sense, except to Facebook.

How Long Must We Keep A Straight Face?”

“This willingness to eschew democracy in favor of authoritarianism was forecast by Zachary Roth before Trump’s election.”

I hope the Newtown families take these assholes for every penny they have.

“Headlines have warned about a coming ratpoclaypse driven by climate change. But there isn’t a lot of research to back these warnings up. Part of the reason is that it’s hard to predict what rats will do, because it’s harder than you’d think to study what rats are doing right now.”

Is your kid’s cellphone causing them to grow horns? Well, probably not. But it’s a hell of a question.

“This is not just a problem for Major League Baseball, this is a problem for humans. But when a person in the public eye, like a baseball player, is charged with domestic violence, it’s an opportunity to put a spotlight on something that affects a staggering percentage of the population.”

How Donald Trump is trying to make it harder for Americans abroad, including active military members, to vote.

RIP, Molly O’Neill, author and food critic, sister of former Yankees star Paul O’Neill.

Everything I Learned While Getting Kicked out of America’s Biggest Anti-Vaccine Conference“. One of the more dsturbing and disheartening things I’ve read recently.

“The problem isn’t that it’s unbelievable. The problem is that his base doesn’t care.”

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3 Responses to Weekend link dump for June 23

  1. Bill_Daniels says:

    I’ve got to admit voting by mail from China is a novel excuse to perpetuate a mail system that subsidizes China at the expense of Americans.

    ” His objections to the current regime pertain to the subsidized rate China receives when sending packages out of its borders, which the administration says disadvantages American manufactures. If the UPU does not allow the U.S. to set its own rates — the organization is gathering in late September for negotiations — the U.S. is set to withdraw from the 192-country organization altogether come October.

    While trade experts have said that the administration’s grievances with the system are legitimate, they also say the impact of a withdrawal is unpredictable at best and could result in a more costly and less reliable international mail service.”

    When the flow of mail and packages is fairly equal, then there would be no issue, but in the case of China, they flood our mail system with packages that WE subsidize.

  2. SocraticGadfly says:

    Per Bill, the Paris climate change accord essentially moved China out of “developing nation” to “semi-developed nation” status. Why can’t the UPU do the same?

  3. Bill_Daniels says:

    If ballots mailed from China to the US is really that big of an issue, I suggest that we formulate a new plan. Have expats living in China mail their ballots to our embassy or consulate, and they can forward the ballots by diplomatic pouch, to ensure those ballots get to the US. Problem solved.

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