Senfronia for Speaker!

She did it before, and she’s doing it again.

Throw Democrat Senfronia Thompson of Houston’s stylish hat into the ring.

She was the first state rep to start the rumbling last summer when she filed her candidacy for speaker for this session – touching off the race that wound up captivating the entire Pink Dome on opening day, even though she was no longer a candidate by then. She started the momentum.

Ms. Thompson filed for speaker for the 81st session this morning, declining to join the army of male Republicans vying for a spot that may or may not open up this session.

And in a perfect world, a new Democratic majority in the House will carry her to the Speaker’s podium. While any of the current alternatives to Tom Craddick would represent a step up, Speaker Thompson by far would be the best option.

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3 Responses to Senfronia for Speaker!

  1. becky says:

    All I can say is “Go Girl!” The woman is amazing.

  2. No..It would not require a perfect world for a Democratic majority to make Ms.Thompson Speaker. That is something I can picture in the next few years.

    It would also take a world, not perfect though a better world I admit, where the will of voters is respected and Democrats support Democrats for Texas House Speaker and Republicans support Republicans. That would be simple democracy as practiced in Washington and in almost all the 50 states.

    And when Democrats take the Texas House some blogger is going to write that Texas Liberal had it right from the start. I know it will happen because I will write that post if nobody else does.

  3. Nate says:

    I’ll support her! Of course, my support usually means that person loses.

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