I’ve not seen “Farenheit 9/11”, and to be honest, with the baby’s arrival, I probably won’t get to see it before it comes out on DVD. I just wanted to note, as a point of data, that the movie sold out over the weekend in the following Bush-hating bastions of liberal elitism: Williamson County, and Amarillo.

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3 Responses to F-911

  1. elgato says:

    Umm, it sold out in one theater in Williamson County. It’s not a very big theater either. Not the same as selling out the multiplex. If it holds up against Spidey 2, I’ll be impressed. Not bad ticket numbers for the Large One’s film, though.

  2. Tim says:

    Seriously, I think the effect of F-9/11 on the election is overblown by some. I don’t imagine many people, save those who are politically active and whose minds are already made up against Bush, lining up to see it.

    I think this is most likely a massive example of preaching to the already converted.

    I don’t have any real desire to see it, but in the interests of finding errors with, and criticizing, some of Moore’s “facts” I’d be willing to see it if I knew I wasn’t padding his coffers. I can’t stand Michael Moore; just seeing his face makes me ill.

  3. Catherine says:

    I saw it this afternoon.

    It was very entrtaining…but also one-sided.

    One paradox of the movie was this: In the beginning they paint the typical Bush picture of this clueless flunky-type who got into office because daddy and bro won him the election, but that he himself is dumber than a box of sticks. Yet Moore later paints this whole conspiracy theory that would take a pretty smart guy to pull off… So here is the paradox: Is Bush dumb according to the movie? YES. Is Bush a genius according to the movie? YES.

    Hmmmmm…and 2+2=165. Yeah…

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