Joel Steinberg goes free

Joel Steinberg, the man responsible for the awful, brutal death of his illegally adopted daughter Lisa Steinberg in 1987, will get out of jail today. I’m getting sick just thinking about it. (Please note: if you don’t have a strong stomach, DO NOT follow that Crime Library link.) He spent sixteen years in jail, as his conviction was for first-degree manslaughter rather than murder. It’s not enough. It never could have been enough.

The first-season Law and Order episode “Indifference” was based on this case; the producers started including those “Although inspired by true events…” disclaimers because of this one.

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8 Responses to Joel Steinberg goes free

  1. Pete says:

    I can’t believe the guy’s staying in NYC. Hell, I can’t believe he made it through prison intact.

  2. William Hughes says:

    I would call Joel Steinberg a dirtball, but that would be an insult to dirtballs.

    The best response I can think of was suggested by the New York Daily News this morning. Since he doesn’t like being stared at, then by all means stare at him.

  3. Cecil says:

    This man perpetrated a horrible crime;however, it is your system that has made his release possible.I think that he should have a lifetime ban from children who are unaccompanied
    by an adult.

  4. John Carey says:

    I would wish him to be haunted; but since he has no conscience he will not be. So then I would hope that each and every time he steps out into the world he is stared at by each and every person who has a conscience. I would wish him a long life each second of which is spent in misery and wonderment at all the good souls staring at him. Perhaps, since he has no conscience of his own, we can lend him ours. Perhaps in Lisa’s name we can haunt him.

    John Carey

  5. Lisa Cardone says:

    I remember this story like it happened yesterday and I was only a kid then. I think this monster should rot in a cell all alone, I can not beleive the judisicial system let this scum bag out, it makes me so angry! Unfortunately ther is nothing I can do to keep him in prison, so it is up to the people in the neighborhood that he now resides in to make his life humiliating, and miserable. Stare at him, call him names make him wish he was never released and hopefully he will die a lonely heartless man with no friends to support him.

  6. Marija says:

    Please don’t realese him. What that really means “his good behaviour in prison”? That means that he could be kind and nice but he didn’ t want. That means that he advisedly chose to be bestial. I am afraid that he would find another weak women and another helpless child because he enjoys abusing. He doesn’ t deserve to be free.

  7. Rebecca Davidson says:

    I remember the horrible story about Lisa Steinberg like it happened last week, and I get angry and sad when I think about it. Joel Monster Steinberg killed a little girl, after abusing her for years–all of her life. She didn’t get a chance to be a kid, to feel safe,secure, loved. She didn’t know what love was.
    I wish Joel the Monster would go live in the sewer with the rats (and other nasty things).
    He is a rat in human form.

  8. Joanne DeHaven says:

    It really makes me sick knowing that he still has his life.I can only hope one day he will get his for what he did to Lisa. He is less then

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