Davis raises $250K on her first day as a candidate

Well, that would be one reason why people wanted her to run.

Sen. Wendy Davis

Former Texas Sen. Wendy Davis raked in more than $250,000 in the first 24 hours after she announced her bid for U.S. Rep. Chip Roy’s 21st District seat on Monday, her campaign announced Tuesday.

The campaign said Tuesday that about 82 percent of the funds came from within the state and 87 percent were of $50 or less.

“This just shows the level of grassroots excitement there is behind Wendy’s campaign,” said Malcolm Phelan, Davis’ campaign manager. “People want to know they have someone in their corner who is focused on them and their families. From making sure they have access to good paying jobs and healthcare, to providing their children safe schools and the opportunity to thrive, Wendy has a history of showing she won’t shy away from tough fights for the people she represents.”

The incumbent Roy has more than $650,000 in cash on hand and between April and June raised more than $400,000.

And that’s before the fundraiser in DC that’s sure to add to the pile. Look, as we’ve discussed before, it costs money to run a decent campaign. Chip “Mini-Ted” Roy is going to have a lot of money at his disposal. We need a candidate who can keep up with that. That’s one of the things Wendy Davis needs to do, and she’s doing it.

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3 Responses to Davis raises $250K on her first day as a candidate

  1. Christopher Busby says:

    This race TX-10, TX 22, TX-23, and TX-22 are all tossup races and I would say the only tossup races in the state at this point. TX-07 and TX-32 are likely trending too far away too fast from Republicans for them to win back. TX-02, TX-03, TX-25, and TX-31 are all potential targets for dems but ones they seem to be taking less seriously than the others.

  2. Mainstream says:

    I have a hard time envisioning that a carpetbagger like Wendy Davis has a credible shot at that district, and think that Wendy Davis will become a caricatured distraction and a drag on the Democrat brand elsewhere in Texas, and soak up funds that could be more strategically spent elsewhere.

    My view is that 10 and 23 remain Republican, and depending on the candidate 7 might switch back to the GOP column. 22 is the more vulnerable GOP seat.

  3. Mainstream says:

    I had no prior knowledge of the retirement of Cong. Pete Olson, just for the record. Although the next GOP nominee will lack incumbency, I think this event actually makes it more likely the GOP will hold onto that seat. (unless the Republicans nominate too socially conservative a candidate or one with baggage, which always could happen)

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