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Weekend link dump for August 11

What lawyers can learn about criminal liability from Beavis and Butthead“.

Phree the Phanatic!

What “doing life together” really means.

More than you wanted to know about the spinning wheels used on game shows.

Reconsidering Tracy Flick, the actual heroine of the movie Election.

The candidate for president was seething with disdain for a large swath of Real Americans. The candidate scoffed at their suffering. The candidate oozed with haughty superciliousness as he wrote off all those Americans as unworthy of concern or outreach. All the while, the candidate’s audience, cloistered in their bubble, insulated from those Americans and their travails, tittered with glee.”

“There are several bipartisan election-security bills in the Senate, and McConnell is blocking every single one of them.”

“But, although these Republicans probably don’t know it, there is a clear and obvious connection between video games, white nationalist terrorism, and the image board where the El Paso shooter posted his manifesto. That connection is Gamergate, the campaign of misogynistic harassment by aggrieved gamers that began in 2014, and which moved to 8chan from 4chan when the latter refused to allow Gamergaters to use that board for coordinated harassment campaigns and doxing.”

RIP, Cliff Branch, three time Super Bowl champion with the Oakland Raiders.

“To put that in the form of a question, what *good* do incitement standards, as we currently have them, do for the people most likely to be the victims of the kind of racial violence black people have known in this country for 400 years?”

Keep it classy, Mitch.

RIP, Toni Morrison, Pulitzer and Nobel-winning author and novelist.

My in-laws are great. Not everyone’s are. This woman’s in-laws are The Very Worst.

“There must always be room in politics for uncivil, intemperate, even vitriolic language. But justifying or glorifying political violence is different. Most politicians do not encourage their supporters to shoot people, as Trump did in Florida in May. Trump’s repeated invocations of redemptive political violence are what grants him a measure of responsibility when those who take his rhetoric seriously decide to engage in such violence. Neither the left nor the right has a monopoly on acts of political violence, but there is no leader on the left who delights in it and encourages it the way Trump does. At least three times now, men convicted of planning or carrying out violent crimes targeting individuals or communities singled out by Trump have cited the president as inspiration by name.”

“To paraphrase Elizabeth Warren from last week’s debate, why talk about what we can’t do? More to the point, why talk about things that this isn’t about? If a guy drives about nine hours from Dallas to El Paso to murder 20 people, and then we lay blame for that on immigration, we buy into his framing. No, the root causes of these actions are almost always threefold: easy access to guns, adherence to white-supremacist ideology, and a history of misogyny and associated violence. We already see all three threads running through the Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton shootings, to varying degrees — and that is before much investigation has taken place.”

You had one job.

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  1. David Fagan says:

    Here’s one you missed from the chronicle

    If this city doesn’t support the people responsible for emergency management, then what is the future of this service?

    why would anyone want to work for an employer like that?

  2. Bill Daniels says:

    “The candidate for president was seething with disdain for a large swath of Real Americans.”

    Well, that’s one way for the China/CIA/Bezos WaPo spin things, I guess. I wonder if Bezos bucked his ‘silent partners’ one day, how long it would take for Bezos to end up just like Epstein.

    Trump’s pointing out the failings of Elijah Cummings’ district, Baltimore, isn’t writing off anyone, it’s speaking truth to power about a legitimate problem, a problem Cummings has presided over for decades with seemingly zero positive effect. Billions of federal dollars have been funneled to Baltimore, with seemingly nothing to show for it. The schools are a big fat failure. Crime is rampant. There are 80’s NYC style ‘wildings’ in the Inner Harbor area. The place is rat and rodent infested, as Pugh, the former Baltimore mayor attested to live on camera.

    Now, I agree, the discussion of Baltimore’s failings was precipitated by Trump’s personal feud with Cummings. Cummings has continuously harassed Trump, Trump’s family, and finally the Homeland guy charged with trying to keep illegal aliens out of the US, which seems like the last straw for Trump.

    But no matter, the light has been shined on Baltimore now, so what do we do? Well, Trump supporters took it upon themselves to go in and literally pick up and remove tons of garbage from the city. Tons.

    Trump has asked uncomfortable questions about where all the billions of federal dollars sent to Baltimore have actually ended up, and he has asked why Baltimore hasn’t applied for his “opportunity zone’ program, something specifically designed to bring investment to blighted, forgotten areas just like Baltimore.

    Can we all at least agree that maybe something positive will come from all this public exposure? Don’t we all want to know what happened to the billions sent to Baltimore that did not appear to make it? Don’t we all want to see Baltimore cleaned up, it’s children successfully educated, and most of all, don’t we all want to see Baltimore become a safer city, replete with businesses that employ the locals?

    I truly hope the focus on Baltimore ends up with something good for the people of Baltimore, whether they vote for Trump or not. They are Americans. They deserve better than what they’ve gotten, which is one corrupt mayor after another, and a congressman who brings the money, but like the State Farm commercial, the actual residents of Baltimore seem to “miss by THAT much.”

    I’d say the answer is twofold, one, a special counsel type investigation of where all the past money actually ended up, and second, some kind of special master to oversee new federal money sent to Baltimore.

  3. Manny says:

    Bill go push your Trump agenda in Big Jolly, oh I forget you tend to use much different language when you post there.

    Trump needs to look at where he stays and take care of that, maybe you can help get rid of the rats, start with the great big white one that has learned to talk.