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Weekend link dump for September 8

Don’t put non-recyclables in the recycling bin. It does more harm than good.

“Stephens fell victim to the Megyn Kelly Syndrome, the pattern whereby those who were groomed by the peculiar insular culture of right-wing media find it hard to adjust to the norms of the outside world.”

“While discipline is an admirable quality, in my conversations with Mattis I found it exasperating, because I believe that the American people should hear his answer to this question: Is Donald Trump fit for command? He should answer the question well before November 3, 2020.”

And as long as we’re asking, there are a lot of questions about James Mattis’ involvement with Theranos that need to be answered.

“The problem, of course, is that men like Stephens, Will, and Brooks—they are almost uniformly middle-aged or older white men—represent very few people in American civil society. Notably, very few of their kind wind up in elected office.”

Astros fans are well familiar with field reporter Julia Morales, who’s a good follow on Twitter and Instagram if you’re into that sort of thing. In a just world, she’ll get a chance to do play by play one of these days.

“A Response to Rod Rosenstein”.

“Can the world’s advanced democracies please stop electing clowns and grifters now? Things are getting serious.”

I never watched Friends back in the 90’s – I’m not much of a sitcom person, and I wasn’t watching much TV back then anyway – so the revisionist view that it was an awful show doesn’t cause me any stress. And it probably won’t have much effect on the kids today, like my own, who are watching it.

Are you getting spam in your calendar? You can do something about it.

This is all totally normal, nothing authoritarian or anti-democratic about it.

“We may not be any closer to changing the politics of guns in this country. But we’re seeing more clearly what’s going on, and who it benefits. That’s a start.”

“How to Stop Russia From Attacking and Influencing the 2020 Election“. You know, in case that’s a thing you want to do.

“Speaking ill of the dead after a selfish, harmful life, Dickens saw, was essential because it was true and because it demonstrated to those still living such lives the urgency of their need for repentance. It was only because he was granted the grace of hearing the harsh words spoken about him after his own death that Ebenezer Scrooge found a path to redemption.”

“Baseball is America’s pastime, but prices on its China-made gear are about to rise as the trade war escalates. Golf, lacrosse, basketball and other sports will feel the pinch, too.”

The right wing pill pushing industry.

The wheels on the bus go round and round, more efficiently now.

Keep an eye on Georgia this election season.

“Trump doctored a weather chart and ordered a rear admiral to release a statement backing up his falsehoods. The NOAA also jumped to Trump’s defense, and the White House won’t say if they engineered it. By my count, something like this has happened at least 7 times.”

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    “This is all totally normal, nothing authoritarian or anti-democratic about it.’

    I think this is an absolutely fantastic development, and long overdue. The media folks should be subjected to the same scrutiny they impose on others. Hey, y’all, enjoy having private eyes spying on you (legally, of course), having your garbage sifted through, your friends, family, kids, kids friends, etc. put under the microscope.

    You know, you’d think there would be certain lines that we wouldn’t cross, things we just wouldn’t do. That has all changed ever since CNN threatened a high school kid with doxxing for sharing a meme, and for basically putting a hit on the Covington High School kids. But beyond all of that, spying on the news media is nothing new.

    If I’m not mistaken, the proposed spying on the media will not be done by the government, but by private citizens, acting lawfully, so that will be different. But maybe some of that oppo research can be back channeled to the FBI, to Bill Barr’s Justice Department so that they can open a counter intelligence investigation, replete with FISA warrants and spies planted in news organizations.

    Hey ‘journalists,’ maybe if the private investigators determine you’ve done nothing wrong, maybe they will exonerate you!

  2. Manny says:

    Dang, I agree with Bill, but the article he pointed to does not help his argument, it is just the tired and often used Republican argument, Obama did it to. This is not about presidents doing research on reporters, it is about party loyalists doing it.

    Why do Republicans hate Obama so much? I suspect it is the color of his skin.