Talton the Torpedo strikes

Rep. Robert Talton, the biggest bill-killer this session, has apparently called a point of order on the budget bill, HB1. He was one of a few anti-Craddick Republicans to complain about pork in the budget, and it looks like he’s found a way to put his feelings into action (after being thwarted on the CHIP bill earlier). I’m told they’re conferring now, to try and figure out what to do with the wrench he’s just thrown into the works. Lord knows there’s been no rhyme or reason to point of order rulings, but who knows how this may play out. The Senate has delayed its action on the budget till tomorrow. A special session is hanging on this. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Craddick rules against Talton, then after muttering some dark imprecations Torpedo Bob makes a gentlemanly retreat. Special session averted for the time being.

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