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Buzbee and Hotze


One of the leaders of a controversial, anti-LGBTQ group on Tuesday said Tony Buzbee met numerous times with Steven Hotze before the Republican power broker endorsed his mayoral campaign, contradicting comments Buzbee made at a televised debate the night before.

Buzbee and Hotze met three or four times, starting in late September, according to Jared Woodfill, who for years has worked directly with Hotze and his group, Campaign for Houston, including as its spokesman.

During the meetings, Woodfill said, Buzbee asked for the group to “support” his campaign but did not ask for its endorsement. Woodfill said he and Hotze did not see a distinction between the two.

Hotze ultimately chose to back Buzbee, penning a full-page letter of support in the Link Letter, a popular conservative newsletter. Asked during Monday’s debate if he shares Hotze’s anti-LGBTQ views, Buzbee said he only had met Hotze once at a church and does not agree with the views Hotze has espoused.

The first meeting, Woodfill said, occurred in late September at Hotze’s home. Woodfill said a photo in the Link Letter showing Buzbee with his arm around Hotze’s shoulder was taken in Hotze’s study.

“It lasted about two hours,” Woodfill said. “I was there. I saw him there. … It was a great time. (Hotze) was very impressed by him. He said all the right things.”

Campaign for Houston decided to endorse Buzbee’s campaign after three more meetings that Woodfill said amounted to roughly seven hours of face time. Woodfill said they believed Buzbee held similar positions on issues that Hotze has made a focal point of his political career, including Drag Queen Story Hour.

“His positions on the issues seemed to be very consistent with Dr. Hotze’s,” Woodfill said.

There are no circumstances under which any decent human being should want to meet with Steven Hotze. The only thing more pathetic than this is Buzbee’s lame attempt to lie about having met with Hotze. Which, hilariously, has led to Hotze withdrawing his endorsement. I am loathe to attribute anything praiseworthy to Jared Woodfill, who is himself a contemptible excuse for a human being, but this is some next level shade:

“At this point, we’ve withdrawn the support, clearly based on the response last night. It appears Mr. Buzbee is trying to disassociate himself with the organization, disassociate himself with Dr. Hotze. And just to be honest with you, Dr. Hotze is very concerned that he would forget about the four days that they actually spent time together,” said Woodfill.

Truly, Buzbee and Hotze deserve each other. Two peas in a poison pod.

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  1. Notsuoh says:

    I dont know about that, Kuff. You always want to talk to people. Kind of looks like Buzbee did the right thing and denounced Hotze.

  2. brad says:

    “kind of looks like” Buzbee is a liar. Not the right thing.

    Houston does not need this knucklehead as its mayor.

  3. Notsuoh says:

    Buzbee = liar
    Turner = liar + thief

    At least Buzbee denounced Hotze. Turner still employs the intern.

  4. Mainstream says:

    I would be interested to see public list of which other candidates for city council have met with and sought the endorsement of Dr. Hotze. Maybe that should be a question at the next candidate forum in our neighborhood.

  5. Steve Houston says:

    Is it fair to Buzbee that he’s being called a liar based on statements from two of the sleaziest individuals of the community? I’m not defending Buzbee as though he was a particularly qualified candidate for office but for him to be a liar, you’d have to accept that the other two had spoken the truth and that’s a big stretch of the imagination given their levels of gamesmanship over the years.