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WaPo Best Blogs contest

It’s not as prestigious as the Koufax Awards, but I imagine this will get some publicity: the Washington Post is holding a Best Blogs contest, and they’re taking nominations in ten categories between now and September 3 (voting begins September 27). I didn’t really like some of their categories, as there seemed to be an awful lot of overlap among them (Best Democratic/Republican Party Coverage, Best Campaign Dirt, Best Inside the Beltway), but I made my nominations anyway. You have to register, but if you’ve already registered at the WaPo site, it’ll accept that (I’m guessing BugMeNot addresses will be rejected once used more than once). Get your nominations in now so you can’t complain later that there’s no one you want to vote for.

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  1. Eric says:

    data collected during the koufax awards process, like the rest of the data collected at, is not used for commercial purposes, or to sell time-shares in kaplan prep camps, etc.