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Abbott and refugees

The moral choice is clear. It’s also clear for a variety of other reasons. I don’t expect Greg Abbott to make it, because he’s Greg Abbott.

For years, more refugees have resettled in Houston and Texas than any other city or state in the country.

Now that may end.

Under a new requirement imposed by President Donald Trump’s administration, state and local governments must consent in writing before refugees can arrive next year. At least 34 governors, including 13 Republicans, and 86 county and city executives have given their approval.

Mayors and county leaders of all Texas’ biggest cities —including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin — sent letters opting in.

But Gov. Greg Abbott, who has lead efforts to block Syrian refugees and withdrew from the federal resettlement program in a largely symbolic move in 2016, has not.

If he does not agree, no refugees could be placed in the state, despite what local authorities may want.

John Wittman, Abbott’s spokesman, did not return multiple calls, texts, and emails seeking comment.

“Our understanding is that he’s still weighing his options,” said Jen Smyers, director of policy for Church World Service, one of nine national resettlement agencies in the country. “Given its size and the welcome that refugees receive in Texas, and the faith community’s support, and businesses who rely on refugees for workers in agriculture, manufacturing, and meatpacking, it certainly would have a sizable impact if Texas were not to continue to resettle refugees.”

The Catholic Church, of which Greg Abbott claims to be a devout member, is strongly pro-refugee. The Bible, which people who claim to be Christian claim to believe in, is strongly pro-refugee. Greg Abbott is a Republican, and a Donald Trump minion. You do the math. I’ve said many times in this space that nothing will change until the government changes. Well, in this case this was a change brought about by a change in government, the election of Donald Trump. What has been done can still be undone. The rest is up to us.

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    Excellent news, and thank you, Governor Abbott!

    “The Catholic Church, of which Greg Abbott claims to be a devout member, is strongly pro-refugee. The Bible, which people who claim to be Christian claim to believe in, is strongly pro-refugee.”

    Thank God we believe in the ‘separation of church and state,’ and thank God we don’t live under a theocracy. Governor Abbott can make decisions about what is best for American citizen Texans without being hamstrung with church doctrine.

    I think we can all agree this is a good thing, and appreciate Abbott very specifically not embracing a theocratic approach to our state government. Abbott is saving blue city citizens from their own bad decisions.

  2. Jules says:

    “I … sitting in the corner like a good cuck.” – Bill Daniels

  3. Bill Daniels says:

    Hey Jules,

    New Year, new you. How about a new approach to posting here? Maybe we can all agree to lay off personal insults and just stick to the topics? I’m game if you are.

    Are you upset that Abbott will probably buck his Catholic faith and block refugees from Texas? Why? Would you prefer that he actually become the Christian Taliban you think he is?

    Do you think that taking away resources from American citizen and legal immigrant Texans in order to take care of new refugees is good for the American citizens and legal immigrants here already? If so, why?

  4. Jules says:

    Shut up Bill

  5. Adoile Turner III says:

    Texas already has to many impoverished legal citizens for us to take on any extra refugees. We just got the border crisis refugee numbers down and now this. Trump Admin. is already working on using the depopulating Rust Belt for refugees to revive places that are very affordable and accommodating but are suffering from decay and population loss, we already have way to may from Central America. Good job to our REPUBLICAN governor that can separate government from religion. Liberals and democrats just want to take the rest of the worlds issues and try to welfare us out of our own, which has not been working!

  6. C.L. says:

    I think the point Kuff was making was the old adage, “If you stand for nothing…”. Abbott, who proudly waves the religion flag as often and possible and as high as can be, has failed to exemplify the Christian beliefs he so frequently espouses. Abbott in no way is interested in the separation of Church and State, instead choosing to follow party politics over the religious beliefs he claims to have. To me that’s nothing but hypocritical.

  7. robert says:

    Jules, “Shut up Bil” makes my day…..

  8. Manny says:

    I guess the new place where all those Trump loving cult members want to post is a liberal blog. What would the world be without those fascists to remind people of what evil is like.

  9. Jules says:

    Thanks, robert! I spent a lot of time researching and writing that one up. Nice to see my hard work appreciated. 🙂

  10. Bill Daniels says:

    It’s official. No new refugees in Texas!

    Now if we can just press Trump to make sure that the refugees we do take are NOT Muslim.

  11. Jules says:

    Shut up Bill. Shut up duplicate comment detector.

  12. Ross says:

    So, Bill, you stupid bigot, how’s the weather at your place today? I’ll take all of the Muslims I know, which is a lot, over alleged Christians like Abbot, Patrick, et al, who are scummy pieces of shit. Real Christians would find a way to welcome struggling refugees.

  13. Bill Daniels says:

    [sigh, so much for civility in the new year]


    You view accepting the Muslim refugees here as charitable. They look at it as a long term plan to conquer this land, and when that happens, you’ll be on your knees, paying the jizya, on your knees, converted into worshiping a pedophile, or dead.


    Do I even need to tell you what a Muslim takeover of the US would mean to limp wristed fudge packers like you? You won’t even be given Ross’ opportunity to pay up, or convert, they’ll just go straight to the toss your light-in-the-loafers ass off a building solution. You badmouth the very people who are responsible for you not being a grease spot on the sidewalk. It’s crazy, but then, maybe aids or syphilis has rotted your brain so much that you can’t even understand that.

    You’re both so anxious to give this country up to people who do NOT share any kind of values that either of you have. I mean, I get it. I have very different values from you guys, but you have nothing in common with the Muslims you want to mass import. I really don’t get it. Does enlightened self interest not enter into any decisions y’all make?

  14. Jules says:

    “I … a good cuck” – Bill Daniels