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Procrastination pays

Surely by now you’ve heard that the Lone Star Iconoclast, Crawford, TX’s hometown newspaper, has endorsed John Kerry. I was going to do a longish post on this, tying together some of the other iconoclastic things this paper has done, but thanks to the keen foresight of having too many other things to do first, the Burnt Orange guys beat me to it, thus sparing me the work. And to think that in real life I have to justify my tendency to procrastinate. Thanks, guys! Check it out.

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  1. kevin whited says:

    It’s kind of fun to see members of the party that used to favor spending on social programs and humanitarian intervention ranting ultimately about… spending on social programs and humanitarian intervention.

    NO NO NO NO BUSH IS A LIAR comes the spittle from angry commenters about flying from all over at my monitor. Save it. You win. I’m wrong and Bush is a liar. There, I saved you the wear and tear on your keyboard AND saved your own monitor and mine the bath 🙂 That’s not my substantive point.

    Rather, that point is — Look, I get that it’s kind of sexy that the Prez’s “hometown” paper didn’t endorse him, and that’s amusing enough, but is a newspaper editorial page that reads like a bad blog really something to highlight THAT much? Or, on the other extreme, to spend any time Fisking?

    I’m thinking not.

    But I’m a contrarian, so there you have it.

  2. In the grand scheme of things, no, it’s not that big a deal. But you can’t beat “Bush’s Hometown Paper Endorses Kerry” as an attention-grabber, and I for one won’t discount such a thing in this campaign.

  3. Steve Bates says:

    “I’m thinking not.” – kevin whited

    No, kevin, you’re not thinking…

    “Look, I get that it’s kind of sexy that the Prez’s “hometown” paper didn’t endorse him…” – kw

    Did you read the whole thing? “I’m thinking not!” 🙂 It was far more than a non-endorsement of Bush; it was a ringing endorsement of Kerry… even if it was beneath your quality standards for prose.

    Remember, kevin, this endorsement is not an anomaly: Crawford’s state representative (Kuff could tell you his name) is a Democrat; I heard him speak at the state convention. Not everyone in small-town Texas is fond of the man with the fake Texas accent.