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Texas Tuesdays: Chet Edwards

And here we are again for another exciting Texas Tuesday, with our special guest star Chet Edwards. Get the latest scoop and a Q&A here and here. We’re officially in the home stretch now, with four weeks to go, and every dollar is donated is huge. You kow what comes next – Give to Chet Edwards, give to all the deserving Democrats, and/or give to the DCCC. I thank you, they thank you, and your country thanks you.

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  1. J C says:

    I will now vote for CHET EDWARDS based solely on the negative (positive for me) campaign TV ad that tries to paint him as such a horrible person for supporting adoption of children in need by gay people. Think twice before you run an expensive TV ad NRCC.ORG…especially here in Dallas. Your campaign strategy people just cost you a FORTUNE, in votes and ads!
    Texas is not as “conservative” as you might think.
    THINK AGAIN when you are looking for a job.
    I cannot wait to see you win, CHET EDWARDS!

  2. Chad says:

    I did not even know who CHET EDWARDS was.

    I will completely support him in direct response to your negative campaign slur about his positive views on GAY ADOPTION>.

    What a waste of your own money!

    Wat to go CHET EDWARDS!!