Here are your Bush coins

For the Presidential numismatists out there. You know who you are.

We can only aspire to be like Millard

The U.S. Mint unveiled the design for coins honoring President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara Bush, on Tuesday.

The presidential $1 coin for President Bush will bear his portrait with the inscriptions “George H.W. Bush,” “In God we trust,” “41st president,” and “1989-1993” on the obverse, or “heads,” side of the coin. The reverse, or “tails,” side will feature the Statue of Liberty, as with other presidential coins.

The first spouse gold coin bears the former first lady’s portrait with the inscriptions “Barbara Bush,” “In God we trust,” “Liberty,” “2020,” “41st,” and “1989-1993” on the obverse side. The reverse side depicts a person reading, with an open road before them, in homage to Barbara Bush’s advocacy for family literacy.

The coins will be available for purchase on Aug. 20, according to a release from the mint.

President Donald Trump signed a bill by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Rep. Roger Williams, R-Austin, in January that authorized creating the commemorative coins. Under the resolution, the Treasury Department must mint and issue presidential dollar coins with the image of President Bush for one year and bullion coins with the image of his wife during the same period.


The legislation creating the gold coins program to honor former presidents and their spouses requires a president to be dead for at least two years before coins can be issued. The resolution passed this week bypasses that provision, as the two-year anniversary of President Bush’s death isn’t until Nov. 1.

The resolution received widespread support, with 66 Senate cosponsors. In the House, 27 members of the 36-member Texas delegation cosponsored the bill.

See here for the background. More info on the George Bush coin is here, and the Barbara Bush coin is here. I’m a lifelong fan of interesting coins, and as such I love this program. But boy howdy, I do not envy the poor schlub at the Mint who will some day have to write copy for the Trump coin.

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5 Responses to Here are your Bush coins

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    Yeah, I don’t see myself buying a Bush commemorative coin. If they wanted to be historically correct with it, the reverse side would say, New World Order, or maybe, Read My Lips, No New Taxes.

    After amnesty, Bush was the second worst mistake Reagan made.

  2. brad says:

    George Bush, wow what a great dedicated American public servant. Even more so compared to the bloviating, malignantly narcissist racist in office currently.

    I am working on Trump’s coin now.

    The presidential $1 coin for President Trump will bear his portrait (larger coin due to his morbidly obese girth…think Eisenhower dollar coin size), with the inscriptions “Donald ‘Grab them by the Pussy’ Trump,” “In Russia We Trust,” “Lost popular vote by 3 million”, “1st autocrat,” and “2017-2021” on the obverse, or “heads,” side of the coin. The reverse, or “tails,” side will feature Stormy Daniels.

  3. Lobo says:


    Maybe the 2-year-past-mortem criterion could be replaced with, let’s say, at least two decades … so the judgement of history can percolate in the interim and infuse the heads-and-tails selection process.

    Also, why does the money still say In God We Trust? Isn’t that sacrilegious? I thought “In Greenspan We Trust” was more apt at the relevant time. Perhaps it’s time for motto re-branding.

    Vaguely recalling something about Ceasar’s vs. God’s realms, and respective rending.

    How about a national referendum on who to put on the money, with write-in opportunities?

  4. brad says:


    Good point. Maybe Trump’s coin will say “In $$$ We Trust” since that is his God and religion.

  5. Jules says:

    A big IMPEACHED stamped across his face

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