“Of course I didn’t say the thing that I totally said”

“You just weren’t supposed to understand it.”

Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West said Monday he was not advocating secession from the United States in his response on Friday to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to refuse to take up a Texas-led lawsuit to overturn election results in four battleground states.

After the Supreme Court rejected the Texas case, West released a statement to the public expressing his frustration with the decision. But he included one line that caught national attention.

“Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a union of states that will abide by the Constitution,” West said.

But West said that was never a call for Texas to leave the Union like it did in 1861. In a message to Republicans on Monday, he said he’s still unsure why people think his statement meant he wanted Texas to secede.

“I am still trying to find where I said anything about ‘secession,’” West said.

Truly, it’s our fault for having sufficient reading comprehension skills.


Texas Republicans on Monday couldn’t resist making one last futile stand for President Donald Trump even during what normally should have been a mundane and routine meeting certifying he had won the Lone Star State.

After 38 designated supporters of President Donald Trump cast all of Texas’ Electoral College votes, they went off script and crafted a nonbinding resolution calling on state legislatures in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin to change their pick from President-elect Joe Biden to Trump in an attempt to erase the Democrat’s win.

The resolution, which doubled down on Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s long-shot effort last week to undermine Biden’s win, also condemned the U.S. Supreme Court for “a lack of action.”

All of them need a snack and their nap pad. It’s just so, so sad.

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6 Responses to “Of course I didn’t say the thing that I totally said”

  1. Robbie Westmoreland says:

    It’s all part of their consistent efforts to delegitimize presidents from the opposing party. With Obama, they made up a racist fantasy about his not being an American citizen, successfully enough that the persistent fringe of American “conservatism” still calls him “Hussein.” That won’t work for Biden, so instead we’ll be looking at “stole the election through fraud” BS for as long as he’s in office, complete with lawsuits that exactly parallel the Birther lawsuits, and high profile grifters from the penny-ante Hotze and Woodfill variety to national scenesters such as Trump and Palin riding the tide of the gullible with “investigations” that will surely turn up concrete evidence just as soon as they can translate their dossiers from the original Russian.

  2. David Fagan says:

    I sure remember a lot of Democrats crying in disbelief in 2016. The pattern of the losing party spending 4 years in lawsuits is normal now. This is the two party system, party politics that is America. Doesn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democrat, it’s expected.

    What also is expected is a lot of streaming content from both sides! So, you’ve got that top look forward to.

  3. Jules says:

    David, can you list some of the lawsuits over the past 4 years that you’re talking about?

  4. David Fagan says:

    Ummmmmm, impeachment?

    Funny how impeachment disappeared after covid hit. It’s smart the Democrats dropped it and let the Republicans take the whole covid and racial disharmony to the polls. If Trump was kicked out of office the way Democrats wanted, it would have been easier for Pence to blame all that stuff on Trump.

    Don’t forget the entire litany of tech hearings, or supreme court nominations, need more?

    I expect Biden to be sworn in, then rip off his face and it’ll turn out to be Hillary.

  5. C.L. says:

    Funny how impeachment disappeared after Covid and smart how the Dems dropped it ? The Dem House vote took place 12/18/19 and the GOP Senate voted on 02/05/20, both long before C-19 became part of our daily lexicon.

  6. David Fagan says:

    Um, o.k., well I guess you proved it, C.L. Democrats are a bunch of straight shooters. A bunch of super honest folks that are absolutely transparent and get the government machine well oiled and moving. A bunch of selfless public servants that deserve a good pat on the back,


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