Weekend link dump for January 24

“This Story About Ivanka, Obama, and Poop Is So Much Worse Than You Could Imagine”.

“If you’re using an Android device—or in some cases an iPhone—the Telegram messenger app makes it easy for hackers to find your precise location when you enable a feature that allows users who are geographically close to you to connect. The researcher who discovered the disclosure vulnerability and privately reported it to Telegram developers said they have no plans to fix it.”

No Coke or Pepsi ads in this year’s Super Bowl.

“This is one of the most abject, groveling admissions of guilt I’ve ever read.”

“Members of President Donald Trump’s failed presidential campaign played key roles in orchestrating the Washington rally that spawned a deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol, according to an Associated Press review of records, undercutting claims the event was the brainchild of the president’s grassroots supporters.” Three words: Lock. Them. Up.

“At noon on January 20, Trump will be in desperate shape. His business is floundering, his partners are fleeing, his loans are delinquent, prosecutors will be coming after him, and the legal impunity he enjoyed through his office will be gone. He will be walking naked into a cold and friendless world. What appeared to be a brilliant strategy for escaping consequences was merely a tactic for putting them off. The bill is coming due.”

“There is nothing of Jesus in the frenzied waving of flags bearing one man’s name. There is nothing of Jesus and nothing pro-life about a politician and his minions who whip-up a crowd in a rally and then point them in the direction of the Capitol where five people lost their lives in the violence, including a police officer. Do not be deceived, Jesus was not any part of that. His name has been desecrated just as clearly as our nation’s Capitol has been desecrated.”

“Trying to pick the most notable lies from Donald Trump’s presidency is like trying to pick the most notable pieces of junk from the town dump. There’s just so much ugly garbage to sift through before you can make a decision.”

“Voting rights advocates say the attack on the Capitol represents the culmination of an administration that used lies, deception, and misleading claims to undermine key democratic institutions.”

“Delta Air Lines is threatening to permanently ban passengers who don’t show respect and civility to employees and passengers. Personally I think the US airline industry is long overdue for some more repercussions for poor behavior on planes.”

“That pattern of trolling until you aren’t anymore has happened alongside the algorithmic spread of disinformation and conspiracy-mongering across social media. The combination of alt-right trolls obfuscating truth to spread their agenda, and the confusion about reality that conspiracy theories like QAnon help propagate, has created a chaotic, emotion-fueled online environment in which people like Gionet have thrived the only way they know how: through constant disruption.”

“MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell confirmed on Monday that his products had been dropped from several major retailers after the pro-Trump executive sought to relentlessly spread false claims of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.” He’s also gonna get sued by Dominion Voting Systems.

Here’s a current list of who’s been arrested so far for the Capitol coup attempt. Here’s hoping that list keeps on growing.

Twelve unforgettable photos of Trump’s presidency. I have to admit, I thought that iconic and highly memed “Trump stares/yells at kid mowing the lawn” picture was a Photoshop job.

82 Stupid Things From The Trump Era You Probably Forgot About“. I actually remember nearly all of these, which probably means I need to get off the Internet more often.

RIP, Don Sutton, MLB Hall of Fame pitcher mostly for the Dodgers, and broadcaster for the Braves.

“So, what exactly did Trump write in his note to Biden? Twitter has some excellent guesses”.

It was one year ago this past week that the first COVID case was reported in the US.

RIP, Mira Furlan, actor best known for Lost and Babylon 5.

RIP, Henry Aaron, all time great baseball player and a world-class human being. The amount of hatred and racism he had to deal with as he broke Babe Ruth’s home run record was appalling, and meant he was never able to enjoy his massive accomplishment. I love what Andrea Thome, wife of Jim Thome, had to say, “if there’s a HOF for Hall of Famers, he’d be in it”. Rest in peace, Henry Aaron.

RIP, Larry King, longtime CNN talk show host.

A comprehensive timeline of Trump’s efforts to overturn the election.

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5 Responses to Weekend link dump for January 24

  1. Flypusher says:

    I remember Aaron breaking the record. I was a small fry back then, so I was blissfully unaware of all the undeserved hell he went through. All I knew then was that my father put the game on because there was a chance to witness history.

    I have Aaron’s autobiography in my book collection, so I learned about the bad side much later. There’s plenty of examples of the hate mail (but also a few heart warming letters). The most dishonest “argument” was made by the people trying not to look racist- that it wouldn’t be valid for Aaron to have the record because he had more at bats than Ruth. But the Babe-worshippers conveniently left out that Ruth bore some responsibility for that, with his decadent off the field lifestyle. Hammering Hank had the work ethic that lots of Black athletes fail to get credit for. Extra at bats is the reward for keeping yourself in shape.

  2. SocraticGadfly says:

    What SHOULD be on list of best photos is at the top of this blog post of mine for the TX Progs roundup a week after the election. The exit sign “framed” as right by Trump’s head and pointing to the exit? Genius photojournalism. https://socraticgadfly.blogspot.com/2020/11/texas-progressives-election-post-mortem.html


    I remember watching Monday Night Baseball (remember, no ESPN back then giving us 994 games a week) on April 8, 1974.

  3. On Coke vs. Pepsi? Coke is also having production problems right now. I’ve seen signs at grocers saying they can’t get 12-oz cans. No sense advertising what ain’t in stock.

  4. Lobo says:


    Not to pretend that Lobo issuances trade high here or anywhere, let me just share that I — for one — wince when Congress/Capitol is likened to a Cathedral, such that the institution is subject to being “desecrated”.

    Why then not analogously use the terms synagogue of democracy or a mosque interchangeably in the sprit of e pluribus unum?

    Democracy is not akin to religion; Religion should stay in its sphere. Also remember that both Unionists and Confederates invoked religion — the same God, no less — to justify the unholy and uncivil mass slaughter.

    Democratic principles must be subscribed to by all, religion is a different matter. And where would it leave the agnostics, atheists, and all the wishy-washy-de-facto secularists if it were otherwise?

    Along the same lines, we shouldn’t have “In God We Trust” on whatever hard-copy gelt is still in circulation.

    Unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.

    Democracy holy is not. It’s a bad form of rule, but the Demos has yet to invent anything better. Not to mention showcasing how it would work.

  5. Jules says:

    Fly, one of the sports shows this morning showed a clip of Hank Aaron reading one of those hate letters. It was heartbreaking.

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