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Rosenberg for DNC Chair

I heartily approve of this. Rosenberg has just about everything I’d want in a DNC Chair – non-recycled insider, creative outside-the-box thinker who makes things happen, and non-controversial (sorry, Howard). If only it weren’t almost too hard to believe the powers-that-be won’t screw it up…

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  1. Morat says:

    The only people Howard is controversial to is the DLC. And that’s only because he was damaging Kerry in the primaries.

    Way back when, before he became popular, he was a DLC poster-child.

    I’m behind Howard for one reason alone: Anyone willing to kick out all the losers in the DNC has my vote, and Dean seems to be aiming that direction. The DLC’s policies have failed us for a decade now (I consider Clinton an abberation. He succeeded DESPITE the DLC), and the current “top crop” of party advisors and managers rather obviously sucks.

    Plus, I’ve got a longer memory than most people, and I know what Dean did for the party when he was Governor. Turns out there’s a Democratic Governor’s association, and they do a lot of DNC-type things….and Dean was apparently quite good at it.

  2. I guess so far I’d prefer Dean over Rosenberg in that he’s actually won some elections — and I know something about him. Sure he’s controversial sometimes, but he’s got some fire in him. This all as someone who admittedly was for anyone but Dean during the primaries. Rosenberg seems like just another fundraiser to me so far. But I’ve been wrong before, so maybe I am again; Dean just seems like a bolder, more confident choice to me.