District court judges to be removed from the felony bail lawsuit case

Hopefully, this brings us a step closer to settling the case.

Harris County’s 23 felony judges are no longer being sued over uneven bail practices that plaintiffs say discriminate against poor defendants. The civil rights lawsuit against the county and its reform-minded sheriff will move forward without them.

The federal judge presiding over Russell v. Harris County ruled Wednesday that once the bulk of the state district judges withdraw an appeal of one of her earlier rulings, they will be automatically removed as defendants in the case.

Lawyers for poor defendants say the mechanics of who is listed as a party will not prevent them from pursuing their goal of full adversarial bail hearings. The judges were not part of the original lawsuit, but were added at Chief U.S. District Judge Lee H. Rosenthal’s request. Their removal was precipitated by an appellate court ruling in a similar challenge to the bail system in Dallas County, in which the 5th U.S. Circuit found the judges were cloaked by immunity and should therefore be excluded from the Dallas lawsuit.

See here for the background. If as that previous story suggests Ken Paxton and the AG’s office are also removed from the case, that should further the likelihood of a settlement. It also may mean I don’t have to be mad at the district court judges who were being represented by Paxton, though that will depend on how things go from here. And for those of you who insist that changing the existing policies will lead to mayhem in the streets, I will remind you that many of the US Capitol insurrectionists, who actually caused mayhem in the streets and elsewhere, as well as three-time murderer Kyle Rittenhouse, are now out on bail. It’s not a question of “safety”, it’s a question of who has privilege and who does not.

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5 Responses to District court judges to be removed from the felony bail lawsuit case

  1. Bill Daniels says:

    Kuff, did you watch the plentiful footage of the Kenosha riots? You can clearly see Kyle Rittenhouse before the riot, cleaning the blm graffiti off of walls in Kenosha, then see him interviewed, where he specifically states that while he is there to protect the property of innocent business owners, he is trained in first aid, and vowed to help anyone injured, even the rioters themselves.

    Then we see one belligerent rioter before the incident yelling, “Shoot me, n****r!” at Kyle and others. Then we see Mr. SMN chasing after Kyle, Kyle fleeing the clearly hostile, aggressive and belligerent Mr. SMN, preceding the shot. And wow, come to find out that SMN, unlike Kyle, is an actual felon. In many parts of the US, we’d see that as self defense, even in states without a ‘stand your ground’ law. Kyle retreated….he fled, until he tripped and the threat was right on top of him. Fast forward to the other two shootings….once again, it was Kyle that was being chased and threatened by a crowd of thugs. He was actually hit with a skateboard, an assault that very well could have killed Kyle or left him a vegetable. Kyle shot his attacker, coincidentally, another felon (what are the odds that they were both felons?). Then the third attacker pulls a Glock handgun on Kyle. Kyle trains his own weapon on the third attacker, but doesn’t fire until the Glock owner, who faked a surrender, suddenly draws down on Kyle. Kyle shot again, in self defense, but didn’t kill Glock boy, only blew his bicep off…..the same bicep that would have been employed to murder Kyle.

    Kuff, and others, please watch the plentiful video. Don’t believe me, just watch the raw footage of that day and keep an open mind. Ask yourself why a hardened killer would at first FLEE each person that he shot. You can see video of Kyle FLEEING each of his attackers BEFORE they were shot. If Kyle was the aggressor, why was he running away from all of them?

    What would you do if you were being chased by violent rioters? What should Kyle have done? Should he have allowed himself to be beaten, allowed himself to lose control of his weapon? What do you suppose the mostly peaceful rioters who burned down Kenosha would do with an AR-15?

  2. Bill Daniels says:

    Edit: Also ask yourselves why racist Kyle went out of his way NOT to shoot the one black guy who menaced him after the skateboard attack. The black guy approached him, but wisely backed off when Kyle raised his gun. So the racist white kid, who embodies white supremacism in all it’s evil forms, went out of his way NOT to shoot a black guy, but instead shot 3 whites. Does this narrative make ANY sense?

  3. C.L. says:

    What doesn’t make sense to me, is why Rittenhouse was there to begin with.

  4. Bill Daniels says:

    “What doesn’t make sense to me, is why Rittenhouse was there to begin with.

    C.L: Kyle worked in Kenosha, as a lifeguard. He crossed state lines….to work, which is not unusual when two towns sit side by side in different states. So here’s a kid, a trained lifeguard, who has some medic training, who just saw a significant part of the town he works in, destroyed by rioters the night before, who feels the call to do something to help prevent the rest of the town from being destroyed.

    He was there specifically to help a used car lot owner who had about half of his stock burned the night before. Surely liberals can understand the desire to help people, to save people from harm. That’s an emotional response, to see people who need help, and to want to help them. C.L., can you not understand that?

    After the blm/DNC riot downtown, how much graffiti did you clean up? None? Contrast that with Kyle, who DID clean up graffiti in Kenosha, before the second night of rioting.

    Put all these things together, and you should be experiencing some cognitive dissonance, between the narrative being spun, violent extremist white supremacist punk there to gun down blacks, and what actually happened, someone who tried to help, and was viciously attacked for trying to help.


    Again, watch the footage, watch with an open mind.

  5. Mayhem in the streets. If this is how you like to live then so be it. Just own it.


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