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Exploding cellphones

Great. Another thing to worry about.

Over the past two years, federal safety officials have received 83 reports of cell phones exploding or catching fire, usually because of incompatible, faulty or counterfeit batteries or chargers. Burns to the face, neck, leg and hip are among the dozens of injury reports the agency has received.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is providing tips for cell phone users to avoid such accidents and has stepped up oversight of the wireless industry. There have been three voluntary battery recalls, and the CPSC is working with companies to create better battery standards.

“CPSC is receiving more and more reports of incidents involving cell phones, and we’re very concerned of the potential for more serious injuries or more fires,” said agency spokesman Scott Wolfson.

U.S. phone makers and carriers say most fires and explosions are caused by counterfeit batteries and note that in a country with some 170 million cell phone users, the number of accidents is extremely low.

“Is it a problem? It has turned up, you bet. But statistically it is extraordinarily rare,” said John Walls, spokesman for the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association. “But the fact that it has happened certainly has the industry’s attention.”

Some consumer advocates say the cause goes beyond bad batteries making their way to the market. They point to the increasing pressure on battery and phone makers to fit more capabilities into small instruments.

“If you’re cramming more and more power in a small space, what you’re making is a small bomb,” said Carl Hilliard, president of the California-based Wireless Consumers Alliance, which has been tracking incidents of cell phone fires and explosions.

A lovely thing to contemplate as I sit here with my cellphone in my pocket, no?

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  1. What’s your number again? 😉

  2. William Hughes says:

    All we need now is for one of the phones to explode when one of those very obnoxious people are talking at say, a baseball game or on a bus. I’d laugh.

    Then again, I’m demented. 😉

  3. Mathwiz says:

    U.S. phone makers and carriers say most fires and explosions are caused by counterfeit batteries….

    Incompatible or faulty batteries, sure. But counterfeit? I don’t think so.

    Not unless cell phones have some sort of “IFF” chip in them to detect and deliberately short out batteries without a matching chip.