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2018 Congressional

2018 Harris County Congressional Candidate Information

This page is for candidates in contested Democratic primaries for Congress in Harris County

Note: If your group has made endorsements in these races and you do not see them listed below, send me an email with the details to kuff – at – offthekuff – dot – com. You must include a link to a webpage that lists your endorsements for it to be included.

If you see any errors or omissions, please send me an email with the details to kuff – at – offthekuff – dot – com. Thanks very much.

CandidateOfficeInterviewEndorsementsFinance reports
Ali KhorasaniCD02WebDSA - OR - TXFEC
HP ParvizianCD02Web
J. Darnell JonesCD02WebArea 5FEC
Silky MalikCD02WebFEC
Todd LittonCD02WebHCTD - AFL-CIO - HGLBT - ChronFEC
Alex TriantaphyllisCD07WebHCTD - Area 5 (dual)FEC
Ivan SanchezCD07Web - TLCQJan 18
James CargasCD07WebFEC
Jason WestinCD07WebArea 5 (dual) - Chron (dual)FEC
Joshua ButlerCD07WebFEC
Laura MoserCD07WebOR - TXFEC
Lizzie FletcherCD07WebChron (dual)FEC
Steven DavidCD08WebArea 5FEC
Rep. Al GreenCD09Area 5 - AFL-CIOFEC
Kevin NelsonCD10TLCQ
Madeline EdenCD10HGLBT
Matt HarrisCD10TLCQFEC
Mike SiegelCD10WebArea 5 - AFL-CIO - TSU - OR - TX - Chron (dual)FEC
Richie DeGrowCD10FEC
Tami WalkerCD10TLCQHCTD - Chron (dual)FEC
Tawana CadienCD10FEC
Adrienne BellCD14Web
Richard JohnsonCD18
Rep. Sheila Jackson LeeCD18HCTD - HGLBTFEC
Letitia PlummerCD22WebFEC
Margarita Ruiz JohnsonCD22TLCQ
Mark GibsonCD22FEC
Sri Preston KulkarniCD22WebAFL-CIO - HGLBT - ChronFEC
Steve BrownCD22BAND - Area 5 - OR -
Augustine ReyesCD29
Dominique GarciaCD29
Hector MoralesCD29OR - TXFEC
Pedro ValenciaCD29FEC
Roel GarciaCD29FEC
Sylvia GarciaCD29BAND - HCTD - Area 5 - AFL-CIO - HGLBT - Chron - TSUJul 17 TEC
Tahir JavedCD29TLCQFEC
Dayna SteeleCD36WebBAND (dual) - HCTD - Area 5 (dual) - AFL-CIO - HGLBT - OR - HC - ChronFEC
Jon PowellCD36BAND (dual) - Area 5 (dual)FEC