Backup 2018 Congressional

2018 Harris County Congressional Candidate Information

This page is for candidates in contested Democratic primaries for Congress in Harris County

Note: If your group has made endorsements in these races and you do not see them listed below, send me an email with the details to kuff – at – offthekuff – dot – com. You must include a link to a webpage that lists your endorsements for it to be included.

If you see any errors or omissions, please send me an email with the details to kuff – at – offthekuff – dot – com. Thanks very much.

Candidate Office Interview Endorsements Finance reports
Ali Khorasani CD02 Web DSAOR – TX FEC
HP Parvizian CD02 Web
J. Darnell Jones CD02 Web Area 5 FEC
Silky Malik CD02 Web FEC
Alex Triantaphyllis CD07 Web HCTDArea 5 (dual) FEC
Ivan Sanchez CD07 WebTLCQ Jan 18
James Cargas CD07 Web FEC
Jason Westin CD07 Web Area 5 (dual) – Chron (dual) FEC
Joshua Butler CD07 Web FEC
Laura Moser CD07 Web OR – TX FEC
Lizzie Fletcher CD07 Web Chron (dual) FEC
Steven David CD08 Area 5 FEC
Rep. Al Green CD09 Area 5AFL-CIO FEC
Kevin Nelson CD10 TLCQ
Madeline Eden CD10 HGLBT
Matt Harris CD10 TLCQ FEC
Mike Siegel CD10 Area 5AFL-CIOTSUOR – TXChron (dual) FEC
Richie DeGrow CD10 FEC
Tami Walker CD10 TLCQ HCTDChron (dual) FEC
Tawana Cadien CD10 FEC
Richard Johnson CD18
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee CD18 HCTDHGLBT FEC
Letitia Plummer CD22 FEC
Margarita Ruiz Johnson CD22 TLCQ
Mark Gibson CD22 FEC
Sri Preston Kulkarni CD22 AFL-CIOHGLBTChron FEC
Steve Brown CD22 BANDArea 5OR –
Augustine Reyes CD29
Dominique Garcia CD29
Hector Morales CD29 OR – TX FEC
Pedro Valencia CD29 FEC
Roel Garcia CD29 FEC
Sylvia Garcia CD29 BANDHCTDArea 5AFL-CIOHGLBTChronTSU Jul 17 TEC
Tahir Javed CD29 TLCQ FEC
Dayna Steele CD36 Web BAND (dual) – HCTDArea 5 (dual) – AFL-CIOHGLBTOR – HCChron FEC
Jon Powell CD36 BAND (dual) – Area 5 (dual) FEC