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The HPV vaccine


HPV showdown looming

Senate blocks Perry’s HPV order

More on Abbott’s HPV opinion

Abbott says Perry’s HPV order “does not carry the weight of law”

Perry sued over HPV order

McCown on the HPV order

The battle for the Lege is gonna be lit


We’re going to be fighting about vaccinations for a while




Weekend link dump for December 22


With Rick Perry, you always have to ask “Who benefits?”


From the “If pigs had wings” department


Bye-bye, WHP


Endorsement watch: All for Bill White


Endorsement watch: Statesman for White


Interview with State Rep. Senfronia Thompson


TPA endorsements for Democratic primaries

Why I’ll be voting for Jessica Farrar in HD148

RIP, Heather Burcham

Rep. Farrar’s personal privilege speech on HB1098

More HB13 debunking

And the toll road confrontation is on

“Jessica’s Law” passes out of Senate

To override or not to override

Bye-bye, TYC board

Sixty down, eighty to go

Of molehills and mountains

Warren Chisum: Man of nonsense

CPPP urges Abbott to rule against Perry

Lobbyist connections: Not just for vaccine orders!

What does the Constitution say?

Where were you in 2005, Jane?

Perry’s needle problem: Day Three