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Coronavirus and coins

If you’re not using cash, you’re not circulating any coins. Stores around the U.S. are struggling with an unexpected shortage. (No, not toilet paper — sorry, we’ve already made that joke.) They’re running low on coins. Supermarkets and gas stations … Continue reading

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Sales tax revenues take a dip

Don’t freak out just yet, but do be a little worried. Houston’s 53-month consecutive span of year-over-year sales tax revenue gains has come to an end, five months into an energy slump analysts said could dent the city’s economic numbers … Continue reading

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Is this the end for the dollar coin?

Fine by me if it is. The dollar wars have raged for years, with various sides battling over what a dollar should look like: Should it be a green piece of paper (cotton, actually) that you can slide in your … Continue reading

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Job growth in 2012

Depending on how you look at it, there’s good news, or fair-to-middling news for the Texas job market next year. Texas job growth in 2012 will reach about 2 percent for the third consecutive year, Federal Reserve Senior Economist Keith … Continue reading

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Slowdown at the Mint

They’re not making as many coins as they used to. As falls the economy, so falls the jingle of coinmaking at the U.S. Mint. Production at the federal government’s coin factory in Denver fell a sharp 26 percent in 2008 … Continue reading

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