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Friday random ten

Friday random ten – All in, part 2

All there is is more songs that start with “All”.

1. All God’s Children Got Rhythm – Stan Getz
2. All I Ask – Adele
3. All I Ever – GEMS
4. All I Wanna Do – The Chesterfield Kings
5. All I Want – Susanna Hoffs
6. All In Love Is Fair – Mel Torme
7. All In My Head – The Len Price 3
8. All Lovers Are Deranged – David Gilmour
9. All My Loving – The Beatles
10. All Night Long – Joe Walsh

I love Stan Getz, but I’m pretty sure I’ve met a few of God’s non-rhythm-enabled children. Or maybe they’re just not actually God’s children. That would be a convenient way to differentiate them. Now David Gilmour, he has it exactly right. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work any other way.

Friday random ten – All in, part 1

I have a lot of songs that begin with the word “All”, so settle in and get comfortable.

1. All About Soul – Billy Joel
2. All Along The Watchtower – U2
3. All Around My Hat – The Mollys
4. All Around The World Or The Myth Of Fingerprints – Paul Simon
5. All At Once – Bonnie Raitt
6. All Because Of You Days – Echo and the Bunnymen
7. All But Blind – Larry Nozero
8. All Day All Night – And The Kids
9. All Day Music – War
10. All For The Best – from “Godspell”

Yes, that’s a U2 version of the Jimi Hendrix classic. Bono et al are distinctive enough to pull it off in a way that doesn’t necessarily invite unflattering comparisons. I’ve professed my love of the movie version of Godspell – it’s so gloriously and joyfully 1970s that I don’t know how anyone could not love it. Have I mentioned that Victor Garber, who has been in everything though he’s probably best known for being Jack Bristow in Alias, played the Jesus role in the movie? I have no idea if this classic movie is available on a streaming service, but if you come across it you should totally watch it. Anyway, I have a few more “All”-based lists, so be ready.

Friday random ten – Ain’t that a shame?

Lacking new ideas, I’m going to do lists based on the first word of a set of songs. I think you’ll get the theme.

1. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Extreme Party Animals
2. Ain’t Gone ‘n’ Give Up On Love – Stevie Ray Vaughan
3. Ain’t Gonna Rain – Austin Lounge Lizards
4. Ain’t Gonna Stop – Natural Child
5. Ain’t Got Rhythm – from “Phineas and Ferb”
6. Ain’t Got You – Bruce Springsteen
7. Ain’t It The Truth – The Honeycutters
8. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked – Cage The Elephant
9. Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
10. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love – Van Halen

I did this theme a few years ago, with one focus word for each letter of the alphabet. I have more songs now, so I expect there will be a lot more words that I can do this on. Brace yourselves.

Friday random ten – Girls’ music of 2016, part 2

More of the music from 2016 that is in my library because of my daughters:

1. Stitches – Shawn Mendes
2. Side To Side – Ariana Grande
3. Same Old Love – Selena Gomez
4. Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers
5. 7 Years – Lukas Graham
6. Sugar – Maroon 5
7. Centuries – Fall Out Boy
8. Tom’s Diner – Suzanne Vega & DNA
9. Picture To Burn – Taylor Swift
10. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

If you are familiar with “Centuries”, then you know that it liberally quotes from the main theme of “Tom’s Diner”, which I pointed out to the girls the first time they played it for me. That enabled me to talk them into also buying the Suzanne Vega song. One of Olivia’s classmates got her into “Bohemian Rhapsody”, to my delight. I already had a ripped-from-vinyl version of it in my collection, but sprung for a better-quality version from the iTunes store. The rest I’m more “meh” about than last week’s list, but whatever. They like what they like, and for the most part it doesn’t annoy me. I’m fine with that.

Friday random ten – Girls’ music of 2016, part 1

The girls got their share of music last year as well, enough to span two lists. Here’s the first half:

1. Confident – Demi Lovato
2. Ex’s & Oh’s – Elle King
3. Mockingbird – Eminem
4. Hello – Adele
5. Brave Honest Beautiful – Fifth Harmony
6. Chandelier – Sia
7. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Laura Marano
8. Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae – Silento
9. Wildside – Sabrina Carpenter & Sofia Carson
10. Grease (Is The Word) – Jessie J

I’ll be honest, I like a lot of these songs. “Ex’s & Oh’s” is a great tune, though one that (I hope) kind of goes over their heads. Thanks to the girls’ insistence on watching “America’s Got Talent”, I am now familiar with the Puddles Pity Party version of “Chandelier”, which I assure you is a sentence I never expected to type. We all enjoyed the live showing of “Grease” last year, including the opening number. And of course what kind of monster doesn’t like Adele? I’ll have more next week.

Friday random ten: NPR Music

One other big source of new music for me last year was NPR Music’s The Austin 100 (2016), which was a free download of over 100 songs. Here’s a selection of them

1. Ugly Cherries – PWR BTTM
2. Every Which-A-Way – The Quebe Sisters
3. Drinkee – Sofi Tukker
4. Somebody To Anybody – Margaret Glaspy
5. Oh Inhuman Spectacle – Methyle Ethel
6. Black Lipstick – Chicano Batman
7. Primitives – Bayonne
8. Before A Million Universes – Big Ups
9. Lost Time – Tacocat
10. There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely – Possessed By Paul James

Out of the whole group, the only artists I’ve heard of before now are the first two on this list, one for bad reasons and one for good. I picked the other eight for this list because I liked their names. How many do you know?

Friday random ten: Fluxblog 1981

Fluxblog 80’s set #2:

1. Stand And Deliver – Adam and the Ants
2. Rise Above – Black Flag
3. What A Day That Was – David Byrne
4. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thing – Heaven 17
5. Computer Love – Kraftwerk
6. Fire On The Bayou – The Neville Brothers
7. Harden My Heart – Quarterflash
8. Arc Of A Diver – Steve Winwood
9. Silent Scream – TSOL
10. Out Come The Freaks – Was (Not Was)

There are I believe 120 songs per yearly “album” in this collection. I’m just picking every 12th song (more or less) for these lists. I know I’ve heard “Harden My Heart” and “Arc Of A Diver” on regular FM rock radio back in the day – not in 1981, but later in the 80s and 90s, when good old album-oriented rock was still something you could find on the dial. More recently, “What A Day That Was” and “(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thing” have been played on the Sirius FirstWave 80s alternative station. I’m sure the others have been played somewhere, but not within my hearing. Which of these songs have you heard on the radio, if you’re old enough to be the kind of person that ever listened to the radio?

Friday random ten: Fluxblog 1980

It’s all about 1980 this week:

1. The Tilt – 7th Wonder
2. Everybody Wants Some! – Van Halen
3. I Got You – Split Enz
4. My Sick Mind – The Roches
5. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 – Pink Floyd
6. Joy And Pain – Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly
7. Mister Softee – Kid Creole & The Coconuts
8. That’s Entertainment – The Jam
9. Black Woman – Fred Anderson Quartet
10. I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross

All this comes from the Fluxblog 1980s survey mixes, a gigantic free download of music from each year in the 80’s that you really should check out. I’ve mentioned it before, and it’s been a tremendous find. (There’s now the first few years of a similar survey of the 1990’s, which I need to start downloading.) It covers everything from big hits of all genres to the stuff that only the cool kids knew about to novelties to really obscure songs, all of which combine to give a good picture of what music was like that year.

As for the list above, I have two movie-related comments. One, I remember watching Pink Floyd: The Wall back in the 80s, and it’s every bit as weird and disturbing and psychedelic as you’d expect, even if you’re not stoned while watching it. And two, “Everybody Wants Some!” will always remind me of John Cusack flipping burgers at the world’s worst fast food joint.

Friday random ten: Stuff I bought in 2016

A little later than usual because of the previous series, but it’s time for my annual review of the music I acquired in the last year. We’ll begin with purchases from iTunes, Noisetrade, and elsewhere.

1. Birdland – Maynard Ferguson
2. Something Tamed Something Wild – Mary-Chapin Carpenter
3. Crossing The Sabine – Piper Jones Band
4. Mainstream Kid – Brandi Carlile
5. Good Day – The Suffers
6. Late Night Radio – Cowboy Junkies
7. 4th of July – The Dig
8. My Love – The Delta Saints
9. Hotel Pool – Lily & Madelein3
10. Not Alone – Solas

I used to have a few of Maynard Ferguson’s albums, including Carnival from which “Birdland” comes, on cassette tape, but that was years ago. I finally re-purchased a few of the individual songs last year. The Piper Jones Band is a local Celtic group, some of whose components had been members of other local Celtic groups in the past. My friends Michael and Ginger attended their CD release show at the Mucky Duck and picked me up a copy of it. The Suffers had their first CD released last year as well, and Solas put out a 20th anniversary album via Kickstarter. Everything else is from Noisetrade, including some festival and mixtape compilations.

Friday random eleven: Ladies’ night, part 43

We come to the end of this long-lived theme.

1. I Wonder – Yma Sumac
2. Walking On Thin Ice – Yoko Ono
3. How ‘Bout You – Yonder Mountain String Band (Allie Kral)
4. Nightswimming – You Say Party! We Say Die! (Carissa Ropponen)
5. Credit In The Straight World – Young Marble Giants (Alison Statton)
6. If I Can’t Have You – Yvonne Elliman
7. Never Forget You – Zara Larsson & MNEK
8. Reply – Zendaya
9. Seekir – Zola Jesus (Nika Roza Danilova)
10. Eat For Two – 10,000 Maniacs (Natalie Merchant)
11. Bone China – 50 Foot Wave (Kristin Hersh)

Yeah, Zendaya. Have I mentioned that I have daughters? As for the two numeric groups at the end, that’s just how iTunes sorts things. This particular theme took the better part of a year, which means that now I have to come up with something else. I’ll ponder that over the next few days, and you’ll know in a week if I came up with something or if I’m just stalling for time. Happy Friday, y’all.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 42

As easy as X – Y – (next week) Z

1. Keep On The Sunny Side – The Whites (Sharon White, Cheryl White)
2. Do You Hear What I Hear? – Whitney Houston
3. Born Blonde – Wild Moccasins (Zahira Gutierrez)
4. Thick As Thieves – Widowspeak (Pamela Garavano-Coolbaugh)
5. Bullets – Wild Child (Kelsey Wilson, Sadie Wolfe)
6. Daniel – Wilson Phillips (Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson, and Chynna Phillips)
7. They / Them / Theirs – Worriers (Lauren Denitzio, Rachel Rubino, Audrey Zee Whitesides)
8. The Once Over Twice – X (Exene Cervenka)
9. Off The Hook – Y Pants (Barbara Ess, Virginia Piersol, Gail Vachon)
10. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Karen O)

The Wild Moccasins are your local connection this week. I mostly remember the band X for their cover of “Wild Thing”, which certainly works as a punk band tune, but I also remember them for the name Exene Cervenka, which is high on my list of Best Rock and Roll Names of All Time. She’d have been a fitting end to these lists, but there’s one more to go. You’ll have to wait and see who makes the cut.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 41

Down to the last three.

1. Where Do You Run To – Vivian Girls (Cassie Ramone, Katy Goodman, Ali Koehler)
2. Launderette – Vivien Goldman
3. Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses (Patty Donahue)
4. Do You Know The Way To San Jose? – Dionne Warwick
5. It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls (Martha Wash and Izora Armstead)
6. My Guy – Mary Wells
7. Its Been So Long – Wendi Slaton
8. Waterfall – Wendy & Lisa
9. I Can Swing A Hammer – The Wet Secrets (Kim Rackel, Emma Frazier)
10. Hungry – White Lung (Anne-Marie Vassiliou, Mish Way)

Yeah, two more mis-sorted names. Also three 80s groups. And now two more of these lists to go.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 40

I’m so happy, ’cause today I found my friends…

1. Icicle – Tori Amos
2. Heart And Soul – T’Pau (Carol Decker)
3. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
4. Crimes Of A Misspent Youth – Trish & Darin (Trish Murphy)
5. New Kid In Town – Trisha Yearwood
6. Lithium – The Vaselines (Frances McKee)
7. Turn The Beat Around – Vicki Sue Robinson
8. Harbor – Vienna Teng
9. Metro – The Vincent Black Shadow (Cassandra Ford)
10. When Planets Collide – Viva Voce (Anita Robinson)

“New Kid In Town” is from a CD of country Eagles covers, and “Lithium” is from a SPIN magazine free download of Nirvana covers. Trish & Darin are the local connection this week, though Trish Murphy has lived in Austin since the 90s. “Metro” came out in 2006 and got a fair amount of airplay on 89.7 KACC, which was my main radio station at the time. It came on several times while I had Olivia (then two or three years old) in the car, and each time she would pipe up to say “I like this song”. So of course I bought it.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 39

This list is so fine it will blow your mind.

1. Dancing In Isolation – Terri Nunn
2. The Waltz – Theresa Andersson
3. Road To Nowhere – Theresa Miller
4. Voices Carry – ‘Til Tuesday (Aimee Mann)
5. Cacophony – Tilly and the Wall (Kianna Alarid, Neely Jenkins, Jamie Pressnall)
6. Life Is Hard – Timbuk3 (Barbara MacDonald)
7. Better Be Good To Me – Tina Turner
8. Genius Of Love – Tom Tom Club (Tina, Lani, and Laura Weymouth)
9. Mickey – Toni Basil
10. Golden – The Tontons (Asli Omar)

Yes, that’s the same Tina Weymouth in the Tom Tom Club as the Talking Heads. I’m pretty sure “Mickey” is on my personal list of songs for which I had heard the Weird Al version before I heard the original, but I’m not 100% sure of this. (“I Lost On Jeopardy“, a parody of Greg Kihn’s “Jeopardy”, is the canonical song on that list; I still sing the Weird Al lyrics whenever the Kihn version comes on the radio, and am always mildly disappointed that there’s no Dan Pardo interlude.) The Tontons are the local connection this week, and they are very much worth your time to check out if you have never heard them before.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 38

The boogie fever, it is going around.

1. Blue Shadows On The Trail – Syd Straw
2. Boogie Fever – The Sylvers (Olympis, Charmaine, Angelia, and Patricia Sylvers)
3. Heartbeat – Taana Gardner
4. Sweet Child O’ Mine – Taken By Trees (Victoria Bergsman)
5. Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads (Tina Weymouth)
6. Already Gone – Tanya Tucker
7. Vicious Rap – Tanya Winley
8. Boogie Oogie Oogie – A Taste Of Honey (Janice Marie Johnson, Hazel Payne)
9. I Knew Your Were Trouble – Taylor Swift
10. Square Biz – Teena Marie

Apparently, it’s Boogie Song Week. I forgot to mark it on my calendar, so it kind of snuck up on me. Also, am I the last person in America to realize that Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz of the Talking Heads were – and still are – married? The things I learn checking Wikipedia.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 37

So put me on the highway, and show me the sign.

1. Giver – The Suffers (Kam Franklin)
2. Back In My Arms Again – The Supremes (Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, Diana Ross, Barbara Martin)
3. Oh My Soul – Susan Marshall
4. In London So Fair – Susan McKeown
5. Alone – Susan Tedeschi
6. This Is The Place – Susanna Hoffs
7. Ataio – Susanna Sharpe and Samba Police
8. Cassidy – Suzanne Vega
9. Take It To The Limit – Suzy Bogguss
10. Love More Than Anything – Sweetwater & The Satisfaction (Alana Sweetwater)

The Suffers (Houston) and Susanna Sharpe (Austin) are the local connections in this list. I always want to claim Susan Tedeschi as a local every time I hear her sing, but her bio says she was born in Boston, so.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 36

We built these Friday random ten lists on rock and roll. And other types of music.

1. Ditch Diggin’ – Southern Culture On The Skids (Mary Huff)
2. I Want To Be Relieved – Spirit Family Reunion (Maggie Carson)
3. Wishin’ & Hopin’ – Dusty Springfield
4. Flight Of The Passing Fancy – Squirrel Nut Zippers (Katharine Whalen)
5. I’ll Take You There – The Staple Singers (Mavis, Cleotha, Yvonne Staples)
6. We Built This City – Starship (Grace Slick)
7. Blackleg Miner – Steeleye Span (Maddy Prior)
8. Sinners By The Mouth – Stephanie Briggs
9. Landslide – Stevie Nicks
10. Different Drum – The Stone Poneys (Linda Ronstadt)

Not just “We Built This City”, but the extended dance remix of “We Built This City”. I don’t mess around, y’all. I had wondered if The Stone Poneys were named for the famous New Jerset music venue despite the spelling difference, but apparently not. I am not aware of any extended dance remixes of any of their songs.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 35

March already. We need more months to go by this quickly.

1. Feel So Different – Sinead O’Connor
2. Spellbound – Siouxsie And The Banshees (Susan Ballion, a/k/a Siouxsie Sioux)
3. Papa Dean – Sister Nancy (Ophlin Russell)
4. He’s The Greatest Dancer – Sister Sledge (Debbie, Joni, Kim, and Kathy Sledge)
5. Under Fiery Skies – SixMileBridge (Maggie Drennon, Frances Cunningham)
6. Everything Is Embarrassing – Sky Ferreira
7. Stand! – Sly & The Family Stone (Rose Stone, Cynthia Robinson)
8. Drinkee – Sofi Tukker (Sophie Hawley-Weld)
9. 16 Come Next Sunday – Solas (Winifred Horan, Moira Smiley)
10. Like Someone In Love – Sophie Milman

There are a few songs about What Everything Is – Everything Is Awesome, Everything Is Borrowed, Everything Is Embarrassing. I guess singing that Most Things are something isn’t very poetic. Siouxsie and the Banshees is one of those bands from the 80s that I’d heard of but wasn’t cool enough to have listened to anything they did. I’m making up for that now, because better late than never.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 34

Up, up to the sky…

1. Fill Me Up – Shawn Colvin
2. Little Saint Nick – She & Him (Zoey Deschanel)
3. 9 to 5 (Morning Train) – Sheena Easton
4. Thought It Would Be Better – Shelby Lynne
5. Swim – Shelita Burke
6. My Favorite Mistake – Sheryl Crow
7. Soldier Boy – The Shirelles (Addie “Micki” Harris, Shirley Owens, Beverly Lee, and Doris Coley)
8. The Devil Is All Around – Shovels & Rope (Cary Ann Hearst)
9. Chandelier – Sia
10. Fly, Robin, Fly – Silver Convention (multiple performers)

You know the Weird Al song “(This) Song Is Just Six Words Long”, which parodies George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set On You”? It should really be about “Fly, Robin, Fly”, which literally has just six words in it. I admit, the meter doesn’t work as well with that one. I discovered Shovels & Rope in a collection album, then later got their “Swimmin’ Time” release from NoiseTrade. I’m a big fan now, and recommend them to anyone who likes somewhat bluesy rock with a folk and country feel to it. Find ’em on YouTube and see what you think.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 33

My library votes 3-2 in favor of not having an “H” in “Sara(h)”.

1. Rare Find – Sara Melson
2. Sweetness Follows – Sara Quin featuring Kaki King
3. The Pins – Sara Radle
4. Fallen – Sarah McLachlan
5. Around Midnight – Sarah Vaughan
6. The Heart Wants What It Wants – Selena Gomez
7. My Snow Angel – Shannon LaBrie
8. Poison My Cup – Shannon McArdle
9. 100 Days, 100 Nights – Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
10. Serpents – Sharon Van Etten

RIP, Sharon Jones, one of the way-too-many people we lost last year. At least she got to be on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me before she left us.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 32

I’m not kidding around.

1. Antidote – Rosie Carney
2. Why Can’t It Be Christmas Time All Year – Rosie Thomas
3. The Look – Roxette (Marie Fredriksson)
4. Cherry BombThe Runaways
5. Wildside – Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson
6. Going Down To The River – Saffire-The Uppity Blues Woman (Ann Rabson, Gaye Adegbalola, and Earlene Lewis)
7. Ladies Lunch – Sally Fingerett
8. Touch Me (I Want Your Body) – Samantha Fox
9. Are You Kidding Around? – Samantha Shelton
10. Big Blue Sky – Sandra McCracken

Yes, Samantha Fox. I apologize for nothing. I know they’ve already made a movie about The Runaways, but if another one gets made in the next five years or so, I think Sabrina Carpenter could do a good job as Cherie Currie.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 31

I don’t know exactly how many more of these there are to go, but we are getting into the home stretch.

1. Last Dance – The Raveonettes (Sharin Foo)
2. Dream On – Rebecca Turner
3. We Belong Together – Rickie Lee Jones
4. Umbrella – Rihanna
5. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Roberta Flack
6. Lord Is It Mine – Robyn Madden
7. Diablo Rojo – Rodrigo y Gabriela (Gabriela Quintero)
8. Myself To Myself – Romeo Void (Debora Iyall)
9. Be My Baby – The Ronettes (Veronica Bennett, Estelle Bennett, Nedra Talley)
10. Seven Year Ache – Rosanne Cash

I also don’t know if it’s this particular list of songs or just general Trump-induced fatigue, but I can’t think of anything interesting to say. Talk amongst yourselves.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 30

One week down, 195 to go…

1. We Crawl – The Polyphonic Spree (many members)
2. September – Pomplamoose (Nataly Dawn)
3. The Resurrected Lover – The Poor Clares (Betsy McGovern)
4. Brass In Pocket – The Pretenders (Chrissie Hynde)
5. Hole In The Washtub – The Priestess and The Fool (Meredith DiMenna)
6. Harden My Heart – Quarterflash (Rindy Ross)
7. Wayfaring Stranger – The Quebe Sisters
8. Tomorrow – Quvenzhan√© Wallis (from “Annie”)
9. Better Than Me – Rachael Davis
10. Fight Song – Rachel Platten

I like that I have three representatives for the letter Q. I didn’t realize till I looked up Rindy Ross’ name that she was also the sax player in Quarterflash. Outside of her and Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull, how many lead singers in pop/rock bands play a wind instrument? I can’t think of any others offhand.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 29

And so it begins.

1. Not Bad For A Broad – Patty Larkin
2. In The Highways – The Peasall Sisters (from “O Brother Where Art Thou”)
3. Love/Hate – Pebbles (“Beverly Hills Cop II”)
4. Gonna Be An Engineer – Peggy Seeger
5. Winter Wonderland – Peggy Lee
6. I Have A Song To Sing, O! – Peter, Paul & Mary
7. Let Your Love Flow – Petra Haden
8. 15 to 20 – The Phenomenal Handclap Band (Laura Marin, Emily Panic)
9. Crossing The Sabine – Piper Jones Band (Frances Cunningham)
10. Be There – The Pointer Sisters

“Not Bad For A Broad” could be a decent campaign slogan for exactly the right kind of candidate. That’s about the extent to which I feel like thinking about politics today.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 28

This is the last one of these during the Obama presidency.

1. Nowhere Man – Of Montreal (Dottie Alexander)
2. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – Oleta Adams
3. Magic – Olivia Newton-John
4. The Cap And Bells – Paisley Close (Amy Price, Cidnie MacNamee)
5. Doesn’t Somebody Want To Be Wanted – The Patridge Family (Shirley Jones, Susan Dey, Suzanne Crough)
6. Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Pat Benatar
7. Crazy – Patsy Cline
8. Symphony Of Love – Patti Austin
9. Gloria – Patti Smith
10. Useless Desires – Patty Griffin

I was going to say something about these songs, but once the realization of the opening sentence hit me, I lost my train of thought. Maybe next week.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 27

One last gasp of Christmas.

1. It’s Merry Christmas Time – Miranda Dodson
2. Hold it Like It Was Your Own – Miss Molly
3. Came For A Dance – The Mollys (Nancy McCallion and Catherine Zavala)
4. Just To See Her Smile – Mother Falcon
5. Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle – The Mountain Goats and Kaki King
6. Once In A Very Blue Moon – Nanci Griffith
7. If No One Ever Marries Me – Natalie Merchant
8. Man – Neko Case
9. 99 Red Balloons – Nena
10. Carry On – Olivia Holt

Miss Molly was a stalwart of the local blues scene in the 80s and 90s; I have a couple of her CDs. The Mollys were an eclectic and talented Celtic/Tejano band out of Arizona; I have all of their CDs. I didn’t list any specific female members of Mother Falcon because there have been so many. Olivia Holt is another cog in the Disney machine, because that’s my life. I think that about covers it.

Friday random ten: Goodbye and good riddance

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to say Goodbye to 2016.

1. Every Time We Say Goodbye – Julie Murphy
2. Good-Bye – Yo-Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin
3. Goodbye Girl – Squeeze
4. Goodbye Liza Jane – Elana James
5. Goodbye Mursheen Durkin – Flying Fish Sailors
6. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
7. Goodbye, Cousin Early – Asylum Street Spankers
8. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye – Leonard Cohen
9. Kiss Him Goodbye – Georgetown Chimes
10. So Long-Farewell-Goodbye – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Which is not to say that 2017 will be any better – indeed, it has a lot of potential to be worse – but it hasn’t started yet, and it isn’t 2016. So there’s still hope.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 26

Once again, by sheer coincidence, this list has a meaningful intersection with the calendar:

1. I’ve Seen All Good People – Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs
2. The Coventry Carol – Mediaeval Baebes (Katharine Blake, Melpomeni Kermanidou, Sophie Ramsay, Clare Edmondson, Josephine Ravenheart, Anna Tam)
3. Never Be – Meg Mac
4. Lips Are Moving – Meghan Trainor
5. Brave And Crazy – Melissa Etheridge
6. If Love Was A Train – Michelle Shocked
7. All The Same Mistakes – Mieka Pauley
8. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus
9. Baltimore – MILKSHAKE (Lisa Matthews)
10. Come to Jesus – Mindy Smith

I speak of The Coventry Carol, and I bring you a version of it by Pentatonix:

There are of course more traditionalist versions of this, but I’ll leave them for you to discover. I’ll have a couple of things to post over the next few days, but it will be pretty light. Have a happy weekend and a very merry Christmas.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 25

A little bit of Texas in this list.

1. Roadside Attractions – Marcia Ball
2. You And I – Margaret Glaspy
3. Black Magick – Marie Minerva
4. Love is Teasin’ – Marianne Faithful and The Chieftains
5. This Is Us – Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris
6. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Marnie Stern
7. The Maker – Martha Wainwright
8. Playboy – The Marvelettes (Gladys Horton, Katherine Anderson, Georgeanna Tillman, and Wanda Young)
9. If I Could Build My Whole World Around You – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
10. I Feel Lucky – Mary-Chapin Carpenter

Way back in my early days in Houston, I saw Marcia Ball at a now-defunct dive bar on Washington Avenue (way, way before it was reinvented as a nightclub and restaurant corridor, when there were lots of places to see live music) called Pat and Pete’s Bon Ton Room. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since. Many years later, I was somewhat unaccountably surprised to realize (via browsing Facebook) that I knew people in Austin who were actual real-life friends of hers. Sometimes you don’t realize how small the world is. I’ve probably listed Emmylou Harris before, but that’s not going to stop me from listing her again.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 24

There’s nothing funny about this list.

1. I Don’t Want To Be Funny Anymore – Lucy Dacus
2. (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding – Lucy Kaplansky
3. Mechanical Flattery – Lydia Lunch
4. Knocked Up – Lykke Li
5. Borderline – Madonna
6. Saille Bhan (Souls of Men) – Maggie Drennon
7. Oxygen – Maia Mitchell
8. Fixer Upper – Maia Wilson
9. Dedicated To The One I Love – The Mamas & The Papas (Michelle Phillips, Cass Elliot)
10. My Cat Fell In The Well (Well! Well! Well!) – The Manhattan Transfer (Janis Siegel, Cheryl Bentyne)

“Fixer Upper” is of course from the movie Frozen, because of course I have music from Frozen. As we’ve discussed before, what I don’t have is a consistent standard for when to include soundtrack music on these lists. So it goes. I heard Lucy Kaplansky’s version of “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding” some time ago on Coverville, and I just liked it. It’s not structurally different than the Elvis Costello version, but it has a country/folk feel to it that I find appealing. YMMV and all that, but go give it a listen and see what you think.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 23

Moving through the letter L.

1. Ant In Alaska – Liz Phair
2. Take It Back – Liza Anne
3. Ill Wind – Lonette McKee
4. Royals – Lorde
5. Cowardly Lion – Loreena McKennitt
6. Stay With Me – Lorraine Ellison
7. The Sad Cafe – Lorrie Morgan
8. Double Yodel – Lou & Peter Berryman
9. Every Night Of The Week – Lou Ann Barton
10. Can’t Let Go – Lucinda Williams

“Ill Wind” is from the soundtrack to The Cotton Club, which I’ve discussed here a few times. I confess to being a bit inconsistent about including soundtrack songs in these lists – I haven’t included any of the songs done by women from Godspell, for example and for no good reason I can think of. It’s just the way this has gone. “The Sad Cafe” is from a CD of Eagles covers done by country music artists. I’m pretty such I just made a music critic somewhere write another thinkpiece about why people hate the Eagles just by mentioning that.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 22

Happy Leftovers Day, y’all.

1. Hotel Pool – Lily & Madeleine
2. Womanizer – Lily Allen
3. Hypnotized – Linda Jones
4. Tumbling Dice – Linda Rondstadt
5. 1917 – Linda Rondstadt and Emmylou Harris
6. Funkytown – Lipps Inc. (Cynthia Johnson)
7. Jenny Jenkins – Lisa Loeb
8. Boy Boy – Lissie Trullie
9. Let’s Turkey Trot – Little Eva
10. Time Warp – Little Nell, Patricia Quinn & Richard O’Brien

The inclusion of Little Eva’s “Let’s Turkey Trot” is just one of those odd things that happens with these lists. “Time Warp” is of course from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I recorded but (I confess) never watched the recent live RHPS production, though the girls and I enjoyed the Ivy Levan rendition of “Science Fiction Double Feature”. I have high hopes for the forthcoming live production of Hairspray, though. “Tumbling Dice” is from Linda Rondstadt’s underrated career as a solo rocker, and also from the killer classic rock soundtrack to the movie FM. I know nothing of the movie but once had the soundtrack on cassette, taped from a roommate’s LP. That should tell you all you need to know about my opinion of the relative merits of the two.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 21

I took last week off from my two regularly scheduled music-themed posts because I just didn’t have it in me. They’re back this week, not because I feel better per se, but because there’s comfort to be found in both the music and in the habit of experiencing it. So here we go again.

1. Self Control – Laura Branigan
2. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Laura Marano
3. Cluck Old Hen – Laura Veirs
4. Four Words – Lauren Anatolia
5. Astrodome – Leah White and the Magic Mirrors
6. Break It To Me Gently – Brenda Lee
7. Steal My Sunshine – Len (Sharon Costanzo)
8. Love Letters – Ketty Lester
9. Hello Stranger – Barbara Lewis
10. I Know Things Now – Lilla Crawford

Ketty Lester went on to play Hester-Sue Terhune on the TV show Little House on the Prairie, which I watched on occasion but was never really into as a kid. I have no idea who that character was, but I always enjoy stumbling across trivia tidbits like that while checking to verify that a given artist is in fact female as I suspect from the name. I read some of one of the Little House books to Olivia when she was younger, but neither of us was into it any more than I was into the TV show in the 70s. Austin and Ally, the latter of whom was portrayed by Laura Marano, and the movie version of Into the Woods, in which Lilla Crawford’s Little Red Riding Hood character sang that song, were more her speed.

Friday random ten: Ladies’ night, part 20

This is the part of me that’s glad the election is almost over.

1. Part Of Me – Katy Perry
2. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson
3. Peter Pan – Kelsei Ballerini
4. Dancing In The Dark – Kim Wilde
5. Can’t Stop Killing You – Kirsty MacColl
6. Heartbeat – Kopecky (Kelsey Kopecky)
7. Black Horse And The Cherry Tree – KT Tunstall
8. Waited – Kylie Rae Harris
9. The Fame Monster – Lady Gaga
10. Horoscope – Lager Rhythms (Elizabeth Benedetto, Sarah Nelson Crawford, Leisa McCord)

The Lager Rhythms are a Houston a capella group, founded by former Rice students, whose roster over the years has included several friends of mine. I’m always happy to include one of their songs in one of these lists. Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Rae Harris, and Lady Gaga are all in my collection because of my daughters. On balance, my collection is the better for it.