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September 9th, 2006:

Boy Wonder’s ‘Global War on Cats’

(Greg Wythe here, of, filling in for a travelling Charles Kuffner. Dateline — somewhere in my apartment in full pajama regalia.)

Some days its tough to evaluate how something that makes it to the print edition of a paper warrants newsworthiness. Case in point:

Now in his third and final term on council, Berry risked raising the hackles of a good chunk of the electorate by describing cat owners as “un-American” and proposing an ordinance to allow diners to bring their dogs onto restaurants’ outdoor patios.

According to Berry, no invitation will be issued to feline owners. “Cats are not cool,” Berry told Chronicle columnist Ken Hoffman. “They don’t belong in restaurants or near people food. Cats aren’t even good pets. You don’t own a cat; a cat owns you.”

Let me open up the analysis on a bipartisan note here. I’m well on record as not being a fan of Boy Wonder’s. I give him credit for a few thing, sure. But by and large … not. But on this issue, Michael Berry and I stand shoulder to shoulder, leading the way for freedom loving dog owners everwhere to advance their cause of ridding the world of the pesky feline influence.

A good place to start, I might add, is the Lone Star Basset Rescue. Sadie (pictured below) is up for grabs to a good home.

UPDATE: KHOU has the video from the frontline in this battle.