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Weekend link dump for May 9

“From my vantage point Republicans are giving the left a massive opportunity to wedge them.”

After the pandemic

“Remote Places Desperately Need Vaccines. Drones Could Help.”

For a deep dive on the Josh Duggar backstory, and the “counseling” he got from another evangelical icon who was also a longtime sex creep, read this 2015 TPM story. And then take a shower, you’ll feel like you need it.

“this whole Duggar mess is leading me to think we need to discuss the ways in which purity culture hinders essential skill-building and requires teens be secretive about their sexuality in ways that lead directly to predation”.

Pacific Island nations are now dealing with COVID and trying to get vaccinations after a year of mostly being safe due to their isolation.

“We have plenty of reasons to worry about the continuing pandemic: the variants, runaway viral spread in India and Brazil, differences in vaccination rates that mirror racial and political divides. But cautionary public-health guidance risks losing its impact if it fails to acknowledge what the American public surely can see: We are winning the war against COVID-19 in the United States, and we can adapt better than the virus can.”

You want to browse some classic Far Side cartoons, don’t you? Of course you do.

RIP, Billie Hayes, Broadway and TV actor known for playing Witchiepoo on the psychedelic kids TV show HR Pufnstuf. Mark Evanier has some memories of her and her Bay City Rollers co-star Les McKeown.

RIP, Al Jamison, original member of the Houston Oilers.

RIP, Bobby Unser, three-time Indianapolis 500 winner.

Belgian farmer accidentally moves French border. Who among us has not done the same thing?

“Prince’s earth-shattering “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” solo gets a director’s cut with even more Prince”.

Relax, you’ll know who the next Jeopardy! host is soon enough.

This reasonably sums up how I feel about Rep. Liz Cheney.

“Twitter is taking its permanent ban of ex-President Donald Trump seriously, with the company on Thursday suspending an account for sharing comments Trump made on his new website.”

Don’t drive while on a Zoom call. I mean, seriously.

“Tucker Carlson May Be America’s Biggest Public Health Problem“.

“The public health challenge of the next few months can’t be disentangled from the political problem of the next few years.”

RIP, Tawny Kitaen, actor and music video star.

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    It sounds like the Belgian farmer must own land in Belgium AND France. That must be a nightmare, paying property taxes to two separate countries. And let’s say he needs an ambulance if he’s out in his fields working. He has to know which country’s EMS to call. And these days, I wonder if he’s supposed to report his crossing into France each time he works the French portion of his field, then notify Belgium when he returns. I’ve read that folks on the US-Canada border have had some crazy restrictions imposed on them, especially after 9/11.

    Interesting story, thanks for posting, Kuff.

  2. Política comparada says:

    On looking for trans-Atlantic border problems …

    Troubles in Northern Ireland perhaps. As to France and Belgium: both are EU member states (since 1958, when it all started with only six), and part of Schengen Area.

    Happy belated Europe Day! (coinciding with Mothers’ Day in Europe)


    Also of interest, at least for cosmopolitans: On this website you can choose from more than 20 languages using the drop-down-menu button located in the top right corner of the page. Default is English (en) on standard browser setting for users in the USA. Spanish (es), Italian (it), German (de).