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The best news you’ll read today

Complete season sets of “The Muppet Show” will be released on DVD by the end of 2005. And the news just gets better:

The video is reported to be transferred from their original British (PAL) tapes. Aside from working to get a beautiful transfer and mastering of the video, it is also said that the episodes will be unedited and will contain the UK skits. This goes to show how Disney is trying to create a collection of the episodes like never seen before.

Although at this point, the inclusion of the original season 1 opening sequence is still undetermined. Apparently there are strong arguments for including the original openings, and also powerful reasons for not including them. The answer of which it will be has flip-flopped back and forth throughout the set’s production and the final outcome is not available at this time.

There were two pilot episodes produced for The Muppet Show (“The Muppets Valentine Show” and “The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence”). There were also some specials produced during the run of the show, including the great behind the scenes special “Of Muppets and Men”. Many fans wondered if these season sets would include any of the show’s pilots or specials. The answer to this is yes. Disney does plan on including several of the historic Muppet Show pilots and specials.

As soon as this pops up on, I’ll be able to do all my Christmas shopping. I’m so excited. Via Lis Riba.

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  1. It’s about (expletive deleted) time.

  2. Greg Wythe says:

    This is pretty much what my life has been building up to. Can’t wait to see if there’s anything new to the episode with Debbie Harry (one of my faves).

  3. This is a Muppet News Flash

    Awesome news, via Chuck: Last November word reached us that The Muppet Show was coming to DVD in complete season sets. It was at a New York Henson event that Craig Shemin first publicly mentioned that Disney was working on…