Weekend link dump for February 18

“That Electric Toothbrush Botnet Story Is Totally Fake“.

“HBO is developing another Game of Thrones spinoff series.”

“The results are consistent across the board: conservatives are simply less connected to reality than liberals.”

Some thoughts from Scalzi about the non-beta version of BlueSky and other social media outlets.

RIP, Bob Edwards, longtime host of “Morning Edition” on NPR.

“I am absolutely SHOCKED at @CBS for introducing the Deaf performers at today’s pregame #SuperBowl and then not showing even one second (or more) of their performance… as has been tradition for the last 30 years. WHY!?”

“Fans of FX’s acclaimed Fargo anthology series may have to let the just-completed fifth season of the series tide them over for a while. Creator Noah Hawley is currently working on FX’s upcoming Alien series, and there is no timeline for Fargo’s return.”

Dora the Explorer was the Super Bowl hero we didn’t know we needed.

“Here is the difference (singular) between white and non-white evangelical Christians”.

“Donald Trump’s months-long effort to overturn his defeat in the 2020 election culminated on a single, now-infamous day: Jan. 6. But there was an alternate scenario gamed out by Trump’s lawyers — one that would have expanded the hours of indecision caused by the Trump campaign’s efforts and stretched out the process for weeks, all the way until Jan. 20, 2021, the Constitution’s ironclad deadline for the transfer of power. If their scheme succeeded, these lawyers hoped, Joe Biden would never take office.

“Google has long struggled to contain obituary spam — for years, low-effort SEO-bait websites have simmered in the background and popped to the top of search results after an individual dies. The sites then aggressively monetize the content by loading up pages with intrusive ads and profit when searchers click on results. Now, the widespread availability of generative AI tools appears to be accelerating the deluge of low-quality fake obituaries.”

“Workers who help bring Disneyland’s beloved characters to life — including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Cinderella — are looking to unionize.”

Congratulations to Jenny Cavnar, the first female play-by-play announcer in MLB history.

“After working in the minor leagues for the past eight seasons, umpire Jen Pawol is one step closer to reaching the majors as she’s been assigned to work in the Grapefruit League during spring training beginning later this month. […] Pawol is the first woman umpire to work a spring schedule since Ria Cortesio in 2007, but a woman has never umpired a regular-season game. Pawol could be the first as she will be one call away once the regular season begins.”

“Most of America’s eyes on Sunday might have been on Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas but about halfway across the country 1,600 miles away in Indiana, the Indianapolis Zoo celebrated a different kind of victory — the birth of a rare white rhino.”

“The first dinosaur was named 200 years ago. We know so much more now”.

The Pale Blue Dot, 34 years later.

“Amazon is facing a lawsuit accusing it of misleading Prime subscribers by charging them an additional fee to stream movies and TV shows without ads.”

RIP, William “Bill” Post, who is credited as being the inventor of the Pop-Tart.

RIP, Don Gullett, former MLB pitcher for the Reds and Yankees who was on four consecutive World Series champions.

RIP, Scott Swoveland, Houston artist who created the iconic mural at local gay bar Mary’s.

“Long before Iowa star Caitlin Clark hit her first long-range three or signed her first autograph, Pearl Moore set a scoring standard for women’s basketball that has stood for 45 years.”

That said, congratulations to Caitlin Clark. Lynette Woodard and Pistol Pete, you’re next.

“I have been open with [the 30 MLB franchise owners] about the fact that this is going to be my last term.”

That’s what happens with guns”.

True The Vote continues to be a bunch of lying liars who lie a lot.

RIP, Lefty Driesell, Hall of Fame basketball coach who put Maryland on the NCAA map, started the Midnight Madness tradition, and led four different programs to over 100 wins each.

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