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Pena and Gonzales

State Rep. Aaron Pena has announced that he will kick off his reelection campaign on Monday. He also says that his legislative neighbor Veronica Gonzales announced her intentions to run again last night.

As Pena notes and as I wrote earlier, Gonzalez could be in a tough fight if the Republicans do run an opponent against her, something they did not do in 2004 when she knocked off one-term incumbent Roberto Gutierrez in the Democratic primary. Though I believe 2004 was a high-water mark for Republicans in many districts, this will still certainly be a race to watch, assuming someone does run on the GOP side.

Pena, on the other hand, is pretty much on easy street as far as GOP opposition goes. George Bush got 37% in his district last year, and he was the best performing Republican by several points. Assuming he has no primary challenger, his campaign to-do list will be a deservedly short one.

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