David Harris on Air America tonight

David Harris will get his first real national exposure tonight when he’s featured as this week’s Fighting Dem on Air America’s Majority Report. His segment is set to begin at 8:34 PM Texas time, and there’s streaming audio available, so be sure to check it out.

UPDATE: Corrected time of David’s appearance.

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2 Responses to David Harris on Air America tonight

  1. Mathwiz says:

    DFW’s Air America affiliate, KXEB, has unfortunately shifted Majority Report into the 9 PM to midnight slot, so I’d have to be a real night owl (not to mention missing the Daily Show and Colbert Report) to catch him on the radio. I’ll try to stream, but I’ve never tried streaming Air America on dialup. Talk is low bandwidth, but I still don’t know if it’ll work at 28.8Kbps.

  2. Gary Putnam says:

    Ms. Santiago (“One Not-So-Smart Mommy”),

    THERE SEEMS TO BE A MOST SERIOUS “MISUNDERSTANDING” ON YOUR PART. The upcoming runoff election for HISD District 1 is not a game to determine which candidate is the best slime-mold thrower. (If that were the case, you have a most unfair advantage; no other candidate has demonstrated your unusually accomplished level of slime-mold slinging expertise.) Allow me to explain what the upcoming runoff election is about. We (the voters of HISD District 1) are charged with determining which candidate is best qualified to be honored with the privilege of serving HISD District 1 students. (By the nature of that position, the candidate we select is also entrusted with serving the educational needs of ALL HISD students.)

    Our education leaders are (by the very nature of their positions) models for the students they serve. Therefore, we must consider a candidate’s education, training, experience, leadership/team-player abilities. It is imperative that we consider a candidate’s moral/ethical character (as evidenced by their observable behavior). Likewise, it imperative that we consider a candidate’s motives for seeking public office; is that candidate seeking public office to serve the needs of his/her constituency of are they seeking public office as a means of serving their own self-interests. As I see matters, you are a most unfit/unworthy candidate for HISD District 1 for several reasons:

    1. You betrayed our public trust when you recently falsified the campaign finance records for your mother, Yolanda Navarro Flores.** In many states, that alone would disqualify/bar you from seeking public office — but not in Texas. (A prime reason why Texas voters need to be ever vigilant about candidates for public office.)

    2. Your base of campaign financial support (approximately $38,000 worth) is commercial — largely non HISD District 1 voter based.** How can we be absolutely assured that this (seeming) conflict of interest will not impair your ethical/moral judgments regarding what is best for HISD students? (Another prime reason why Texas voters need to be ever vigilant about candidates for public office.)

    3. When “push comes to shove,” you seemingly resort to mud (slime-mold) slinging. Your last two campaign flyers are the (seemingly) despicable and desperate acts of a “hit and run,” “backed to the wall” coward. (The facts can speak for themselves; they don’t need your manipulated negative “spin.” I can think of at least one good reason why one would choose not to vote. Extensive research of the candidates and/or issues reveals that one “choice” is just as bad as another — much like choosing between death by slow hanging to death by manual strangulation. In such an instance, choosing not to vote is a clear indicator of non-support.)

    4. You have offered absolutely no reason (compelling or otherwise) why you should be privileged to represent the educational interests of HISD students — quite the contrary. You have boldly and shamefully demonstrated why you are seemingly ethically/morally unfit/unworthy of public office — most especially an office that impacts the educational welfare of our youth.

    “Thank you” for showing your “true colors.” Your most recent campaign flyer (depicting the sad, soulful expressions of the children you seemingly, shamefully use as campaign shields) is a stark wakeup call. Our youth trust us to protect — not endanger — their educational future. Voting for Anne Flores Santiago would be a grievous violation of that trust.

    If you are (in any measure whatsoever) sincere in your claims regarding the educational welfare of our students, you (seemingly) have but one course of action: 1. Immediately withdraw yourself from the December 10 runoff election. 2. Issue a genuine/sincere, heart-felt apology for your repeated insults to our intelligence, honor, dignity and our sense of “fair play” political processes. 3. Withdraw your application for Teacher Certification until such time as you become a role-model worthy of our children.

    A concerned parent/grandparent and educator,
    Gary Putnam, HISD District 1

    ** http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/elect2005/3448486.html

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