The Trib interviews Rick Perry

It’s here, and there are links to audio snippets, if you just have to hear his voice. The interview was part of a Texas Tribune collaboration with Newsweek, and kudos to them for that.

For those of you who have paid more than passing attention to Texas politics, there’s not much there that’s new or unexpected. This is a profile for a national audience that’s not too familiar with our only Governor, not a campaign story, so the questions are fairly general. I could go on a long discourse about the questions I’d have asked if I’d been doing the interview, but I think you have a pretty good idea what they would be. And that’s not the story Newsweek was writing. So read it for what it is, and remind yourself that four more years of this is what’s on the line in November.

As for the whole “Is Rick Perry Running For President?” thing, I’ll just say this: Assuming that the country would consider electing another right wing Governor from Texas – it worked out so well the last time, after all – he’s still got to win this election. If he does win, ask him again. If he doesn’t, the question answers itself.

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