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Interview with Chula Ross-Sanchez

Chula Ross-Sanchez

Chula Ross-Sanchez

I have one more interview for the Galveston city elections on May 8, that being with Chula Ross-Sanchez, who is running for Council District 6. She is a former member of the Planning Council whose non-reappointment caused a bit of a stir. She has a long history of advocacy for things like mitigating beach erosion and providing affordable housing.

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Early voting runs through next Tuesday. You can find early voting locations and hours here.

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One Comment

  1. chula says:

    Thanks! Charles…one week to go and counting. I appreciate your getting the word out about the elections in Galveston and my campagin for for District 6. Next Saturday’s results will show Galveston is ready to move OUT of Recovery and into the future. Chula