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City says West Gray will be ready for early voting

I sure hope they’re right.

The city’s Metropolitan Multi-Service Center should be partially open and ready for early voting in October after a water main break in late April that shut down the facility.

City Council on Wednesday approved a contract for up to $1.85 million to reconstruct parts of the center at 1475 West Gray. The facility is a mainstay in the disabled community, as it offers wrap-around recreation and support services for those with disabilities as well as meeting space for clubs and civic groups.


The city described the 6 inch water main break that occurred in April as a “catastrophic water pipe failure that flooded three quarters of the building’s interior.”

I had previously fretted about the status of this site, because there just isn’t a good alternative to it, though you could probably get by with a couple of substitute locations if you had to. Early voting starts October 19, so there’s time, and the whole facility with all its features doesn’t have to be fully functional, just the space needed for the voting machines. It can be done, but I’ll feel a lot better when it has been done.

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One Comment

  1. Katy Anders says:

    I was in the Center the other day for work, and there is a section of it (way off on the right hand side) that is already up and running.

    The main entrance is still fenced off, but there was one hallway, two activity rooms, and a row of offices that seemed okay.