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Rep. Ted Poe fighting leukemia

More bad health news.

Rep. Ted Poe

U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Humble, announced Wednesday morning that he was recently diagnosed with leukemia and will spend the rest of the summer concentrating on this battle.

“During the Congressional recess, I will be spending time in Texas and focusing on my health,” he said in a statement.

Members of Congress will leave Washington at the end of this week for an extended recess that will include the coming national party conventions and the month of August.

Poe added that he is being treated at the M.D. Anderson Center, a Houston-based cancer treatment hospital.

“It is my intention to beat cancer and have a full recovery and continue to represent the people of Texas,” Poe added. “Thank you in advance for your thoughts and your prayers. The Good Lord will fix this, I believe.”

Leukemia is serious business, but I’m sure Rep. Poe is in the best of hands. I wish him well.

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