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2018 Harris County Judicial Candidate Information

This page is for candidates in contested Democratic primaries for judicial office in Harris County

Note: If your group has made endorsements in these races and you do not see them listed below, send me an email with the details to kuff – at – offthekuff – dot – com. You must include a link to a webpage that lists your endorsements for it to be included.

If you see any errors or omissions, please send me an email with the details to kuff – at – offthekuff – dot – com. Thanks very much.

Candidate Office Q&A Endorsements Finance reports
Joseph Willie 14th CoA Pl 3
Meg Poissant 14th CoA Pl 8 Web HCTDHGLBTTPECMABAH (dual)
Michele Chimene 14th CoA Pl 8 Web Area 5ChronMABAH
Latosha Lewis Payne 55th Judicial District Web BAND (dual) – HCTDArea 5 (dual) – AFL-CIO (dual) – ChronOR – HCTPECMABAH (dual) – HAWA
Paul Simon 55th Judicial District Web BAND (dual) – Area 5 (dual) – HGLBTAFL-CIO (dual) – MABAH (dual)
Rabeea Collier 113th Judicial District HCTDArea 5HGLBTChronTPECMABAHHAWA
Cooke Kelsey 113th Judicial District BANDOR – HC
Brennen Dunn 185th Judicial District Web Area 5OR – HC (dual)
Jason Luong 185th Judicial District Web HCTDChronHGLBTAFL-CIOOR – HC (dual) – TPECMABAHHAWA
Fred Cook 189th Judicial District HAWA
Scot Dollinger 189th Judicial District Web BANDHCTDArea 5HGLBTAFL-CIOChronOR – HCMABAH
Jeff O’Dea 234th Judicial District
Lauren Reeder 234th Judicial District HCTDArea 5HGLBTAFL-CIOChronOR – HCTPECMABAHHAWA
Angela Graves-Harrington 246th Judicial District HCTDChronHGLBTAFL-CIOTPECHAWA
Charles Collins 246th Judicial District Web BANDArea 5OR – HCMABAH
Cory Sepolio 269th Judicial District Web BAND (dual) – HCTDArea 5 (dual) – HGLBTAFL-CIO (dual) – ChronOR – HCTPECMABAHHAWA
Shampa Mukerji 269th Judicial District Web BAND (dual) – Area 5 (dual) – AFL-CIO (dual)
Barbara Stalder 280th Judicial District Web Area 5HGLBTAFL-CIO (dual) – HAWA (dual)
Beth Barron 280th Judicial District Web ChronAFL-CIO (dual) – TPECMABAHHAWA (dual) – HCTD
Christine Weems 281st Judicial District AFL-CIO (dual)
George Arnold 281st Judicial District BANDHCTDArea 5HGLBTAFL-CIO (dual) – ChronOR – HCTPECMABAHHAWA
Kathy Vossler 309th Judicial District Web BANDHCTDArea 5ChronAFL-CIOTPECMABAHHAWA
Linda Dunson 309th Judicial District Web HGLBT
John Stephen Liles 313th Judicial District Web OR – HCMABAH
Natalia Oakes 313th Judicial District Web BANDHCTDArea 5ChronHGLBTTPECHAWA
Tracy Good 313th Judicial District Web
Harold Landreneau County Criminal Court-at-Law #2 Web BANDHCTDArea 5HGLBTAFL-CIOOR – HCTPECChronMABAHHAWA
Ronnisha Bowman County Criminal Court-at-Law #2
Aaron Saldana County Criminal Court-at-Law #5
Armen Merjanian County Criminal Court-at-Law #5 Web AFL-CIO (dual) – OR – HCMABAH
David Fleischer County Criminal Court-at-Law #5 Web BANDHCTDArea 5HGLBTAFL-CIO (dual) – TPECChronHAWA
Andrew A. Wright County Criminal Court-at-Law #7 BANDHCTDArea 5HGLBTAFL-CIOTPECChronMABAHHAWA
Dan Scarbrough County Criminal Court-at-Law #7
Gus Saper County Criminal Court-at-Law #11 Web BANDArea 5HGLBTTPECChronMABAHHAWA
Sedrick Walker County Criminal Court-at-Law #11 HCTD
Cassandra Hollemon County Criminal Court-at-Law #12
Juan Aguirre County Criminal Court-at-Law #12 HCTDArea 5HGLBTAFL-CIOTPECChronMABAHHAWA
Mike Renfro County Criminal Court-at-Law #13
Raul Rodriguez County Criminal Court-at-Law #13 BANDHCTDArea 5HGLBTAFL-CIOOR – HCTPECChronMABAHHAWA
Kris Ougrah County Criminal Court-at-Law #15 Web BANDHCTDArea 5HGLBTAFL-CIO (dual) – OR – HC (dual) – ChronMABAHHAWA
Tonya Jones County Criminal Court-at-Law #15 AFL-CIO (dual) – OR – HC (dual) – TPEC
Jim Peacock County Probate Court-at-Law #2 Web BANDHCTDArea 5HGLBTAFL-CIOOR – HCMABAH
Michael Newman County Probate Court-at-Law #2 ChronHAWA
James Horwitz County Probate Court-at-Law #4 Web BANDHCTDArea 5 (dual) – ChronTPECMABAH
Michael Galligan County Probate Court-at-Law #4 web Area 5 (dual) – HGLBTAFL-CIOOR – HCHAWA
Jim Kovach County Civil Court-at-Law #2 BAND (dual) – HCTDChronHGLBTAFL-CIO (dual) – OR – HCMABAHHAWA
Stanley Santire County Civil Court-at-Law #2 Web BAND (dual) – AFL-CIO (dual)