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On the road again

I’m heading out of town, and may or may not have any Net access while I’m gone. I’ll be back on Sunday and will post while I’m gone if possible, otherwise when I return. Check out the fine blogs on … Continue reading Continue reading

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Mayoral melee

Ah, there’s nothing like a candidate forum to get the political juices flowing and the elbows throwing. It’s a good thing for Orlando Sanchez he’s the front-runner, because everyone out there is hurling rocks at him. On his right, Michael … Continue reading Continue reading

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Special session: It’s semi-official

Though he still won’t confirm anything, the word is that Governor Perry is about to call a special session to begin on June 30 that will cover redistricting as well as the so-called “Death Star” government reorganization bill. Perry spokeswoman … Continue reading Continue reading

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Tough times for Tulians

Now that 12 of the 14 remaining Tulia defendants have been released on bond, the other residents of the town are trying to deal with the town’s negative image. “It seems to me our community has gotten a pretty bum … Continue reading Continue reading

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