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The giving season

You know all about the rise of the small donor in this year’s election cycle, right? And you know how successful Atrios has been with his John Kerry Thursdays, right? Well, nothing succeeds like success, so get ready to mark … Continue reading Continue reading

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Catholicism and politics, take two

The National Catholic Reporter has a very good editorial on the “controversy” of John Kerry’s Catholicism and what it means about his fitness to be President. Assume for the moment that John Kerry’s Catholic critics are correct. That a Catholic … Continue reading Continue reading

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At home in CD28

With Rep. Ciro Rodriguez filing a lawsuit to overturn the result in the CD28 Democratic primary, the case would appear to turn on the question of what a valid voter registration is. The issue of residency is a murky one, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Pro prose

And the march of bloggers going pro continues apace. Congrats to Ezra for landing an internship at the Washington Monthly and to O-Dub for his new gig with Media Matters. I look forward to seeing you on the Sunday talk … Continue reading Continue reading

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Stupid Texas songs

John Nova Lomax continues a good run with his “Racket” feature in the Houston Press by presenting us with the Thirty Worst Texas Songs. Unlike Texas Monthly and their recent Best Texas Songs list, he’s pretty darned broadminded about what … Continue reading Continue reading

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The forensic art

Great article in the Sunday Texas magazine about forensic artist Karen Taylor, who has a long and distinguished record of helping police identify criminals and crime victims through her composite sketches. Here’s the story of her first sketch, which came … Continue reading Continue reading

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