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What they knew and when they knew it

Rafe Colburn is keeping track of who knew what about Abu Ghraib and when they knew it. The Stakeholder has a similar list. None of the items on those lists support the conclusion that the pictures we’ve seen are from … Continue reading Continue reading

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Encore, anyone?

Now that the Senate is trying to figure out what to do with the dead raccoon the House left on its doorstep, the question must be asked: Will there be a second session if nothing happens in this one? The … Continue reading Continue reading

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The paper trail

Kevin Drum and Nick Confessore discuss paper receipts for electronic voting machines. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I think that the various e-voting machines should be the interface, and the paper receipts should be the actual … Continue reading Continue reading

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It’s a go in Galveston

Schlitterbahn Galveston – Full speed ahead! The planning commission on Tuesday gave the New Braunfels-based company the green light to break ground. Officials say the $30 million water park will be constructed on 25 acres at the Galveston airport. Construction … Continue reading Continue reading

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John Lopez is making sense

Somebody slap me – this is now twice that I’ve favorably cited John Lopez. The passionate fight you want to wage in order to keep sports at Rice, especially football, is shared by many. By me. But it is emotion … Continue reading Continue reading

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With cheesy ad gimmicks come great responsibility

I’m not really sure who came up with this Spider-Man on the bases idea, but I’m glad it didn’t fly. A day after announcing a novel promotion to put advertisements on bases next month, Major League Baseball reversed course Thursday … Continue reading Continue reading

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GOP accuses Laney

The state GOP has filed an ethics complaint against Democratic State Rep and former House Speaker Pete Laney, alleging that he used campaign contributions improperly as reimbursement for his personal plane. Republicans have repeatedly attacked Laney on the issue since … Continue reading Continue reading

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