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Another reason why it’s a good thing that slots are dead

Steven Pearlstein explains what the problem is with the horse racing industry. Even as interest in horse racing has increased thanks to “Seabiscuit,” satellite broadcasts and Internet betting, attendance continues to decline. Most tracks barely break even, and many, like … Continue reading Continue reading

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Just finished upgrading to version 2.661 of Movable Type. I’m hoping this will fix the Atom bugs that people have reported. I’ll see what the Feed Validator says after I rebuild all my index files. Let me know if you’re … Continue reading Continue reading

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Expect overtime

The Senate is saying they’ll probably need another session to come up with a plan that can be passed by both chambers. “We are not under any time constraints. We don’t feel May 19 is forcing us to make a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Rice versus Trinity

John Lopez (yes! again! I can’t believe it either!) notes that my alma mater Trinity is a good comparison for Rice as it decides what to do with its athletics. Trinity was a Division I school – in fact, it … Continue reading Continue reading

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This is the life

Little League game this morning (we won – we’re back on a two-game win streak after Monday’s loss), Art Car Parade this afternoon. Life is good. UPDATE: Here’s Mayor White enjoying the parade: UPDATE: Pete and the Chron have some … Continue reading Continue reading

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The new battleground

Here’s an interesting look at the dynamics of the swing states this time around, taking into account population changes and how they benefit each party. Good reading, and more evidence that this will be a close election. Via Political Wire. Continue reading

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