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Special session ennui

No real news coming out of the Senate. Even these two articles in the AusChron have no new insights, though they do predict no action by the 19th – in fact, if the Quorum Report is to be believed, they … Continue reading Continue reading

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Movable mistake?

Wow. Michael isn’t kidding when he says that the trackback pings on SixLog’s announcement about the licensing scheme for MovableType 3.0 are hugely negative – I think Gigli got better reviews. Now, I’m a sole author of a single blog, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Win now, lose later?

Buried in this article on cracks in GOP discipline regarding Iraq is this bit of strategizing: But talk to some House staffers who are privy to the thoughts and concerns of their congressmen and sometimes surprising expressions of anger and … Continue reading Continue reading

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Let’s go over the ground rules

Via Jack, I too enjoyed this article by Rob Neyer on the quirky ground rules at some of Major League Baseball’s stadia. One thing I’d point out is that the well-known “ground rule double” has some history to it that … Continue reading Continue reading

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Here we go again

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Major League Baseball’s summer All-Star Game and related events in Houston will give Texas an $85.6 million boost, Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn predicted Wednesday. “The 2004 All-Star Week events in Houston will … Continue reading Continue reading

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