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Yates house sold

The house in Clear Lake where Andrea Yates lived has been sold. After being on the market for almost six months, the house where Andrea Yates drowned her five children in a bathtub has been sold. Real estate agent Mike … Continue reading Continue reading

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Link dump

Lots of good stuff out there… Al Gore’s speech. ‘Nuff said. Kash mentions a scary word from the late 70s. Dwight Meredith pokes a hole in the Governator’s proposal to tax punitive damage awards. Ryan Lizza discovers that those 4 … Continue reading Continue reading

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Road watch

Boy, that spiffy new Westpark Tollway is something else, isn’t it? Now they’ve had to close the exit ramp to the Southwest Freeway because it’s a safety hazard. The Harris County Toll Road Authority closed the eastbound exit from the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Another Bacardi-DeLay overview

The weekly San Antonio Current gives a brief overview of the Bacardi/DeLay story, which in their case now has the local angle of involvement from Reps. Lamar Smith and Henry Bonilla, both of whom are just shocked that anyone would … Continue reading Continue reading

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I know, it’s a silly little time-waster – then again, what on the Internet isn’t? – but I enjoyed the “Republican Survivor” trailer at DTripTV, and I signed up to watch the whole thing and participate in the voting. I’m … Continue reading Continue reading

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Morrison on TV

I may have mentioned this before, but a reminder never hurts: Richard Morrison will be on TV tonight in the Houston area (checking around, I see that this was originally scheduled for last week). Here are the details, via an … Continue reading Continue reading

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Pizza rules

Strict rules set for pizza-making ROME — Pizza-makers beware: Italy has issued strict guidelines to protect the real Neapolitan pizza from bogus copies. The regulations touch on everything from size to ingredients to the type of oven — and rule-abiding … Continue reading Continue reading

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