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Let the candidate filings begin!

Today is the first day that hopefuls for Houston City Council can file a Treasurer’s report, at which time they become official candidates for said office. As noted before, that is not set in stone until the filing deadline, which … Continue reading Continue reading

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Rebuilding the seawall

This sure seems like a no-brainer to me. For a century, this vulnerable barrier island’s famed Seawall has protected, comforted, enabled and endured. But the hopelessly romantic notion that the Seawall could stand tall forever, holding back storm surges while … Continue reading Continue reading

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Evan Smith’s 2012 reality check

Evan Smith has a brief essay in Newsweek in which he takes the position that Texas will not be truly competitive at the Presidential level until 2016 at the earliest. He invited people to argue with him on this; Democratic … Continue reading Continue reading

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From the “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” department

From Alan Bernstein’s Sunday conversation with Jessica Benkovic Colon, who chairs the Young Republican National Federation and has this to say about why Barack Obama won the national youth vote so handily: A: It’s an interesting time to be a … Continue reading Continue reading

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As The Court Turns

Richard Morrison, onetime candidate against Tom DeLay, the newest Commissioner on Fort Bend County’s Commissioners Court, and all-around mensch, has a blog. Those of you in FBC who want to know what your duly elected local officials are up to, … Continue reading Continue reading

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