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Ogden’s stem cell skulduggery

Sigh. Steve Ogden may have lost support of Senate Democrats for SB 1 with his surprise rider prohibiting state funds to be used in stem cell research, or as the rider states: ”in conjunction with or to support research that … Continue reading

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Chronicle cuts

Brutal day at 801 Texas yesterday, with more today. I confess, I don’t understand how getting rid of the people who create the content helps make the product more viable going forward, but what do I know? I’m sure they … Continue reading

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Keller blames others for her actions

Court of Criminal Appeals Presiding Judge Sharon Keller, who has been formally accused of violating her duty as a judge in the matter of the Michael Richard case, has filed her response to the State Commission on Judicial Ethics. (For … Continue reading

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Candidate interview: Gonzalo Camacho

Continuing on with the District H candidate interview series, we come now to Gonzalo Camacho, who is a transportation/traffic engineer and planner, probably best known for his concept of the I-45 Parkway, a combination tunnel/limited access thoroughfare as a replacement … Continue reading

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The “strengths and weaknesses” showdown

Back in January, the State Board of Education somewhat surprisingly voted to remove anti-science “strengths and weaknesses” language from the curriculum. That was only a preliminary vote, however, and today is the day that the hearings begin for the final … Continue reading

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Voter ID coming to the House

Well, that didn’t take long. Rep. Todd Smith, R-Euless, chair of the House Elections Committee, announced today his committee will devote two days of hearings to voter ID on April 6 and 7. The first day will be devoted to … Continue reading

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Good times and bad for museums

Nice to hear that a couple of local museums are thriving in these hard times. Sadly, they’re very much the exception. On the heels of the March 14 opening of a seven-gallery addition to its Hermann Park-area building, the [Children’s … Continue reading

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